Friday, 11 November 2011

Warm "N" Glow vibe.

I was really excited to find out I had won the Warm "N" Glow vibe
 from the Halloween competition
sextoys uk
Thank you so much x

I collect unusual vibrators and I adore warm/hot sensory play.  I was really looking forward to using this without the hassle of carrying jugs of warm water to and from the bedroom.

When it arrived it came in a tasteful fun box showing the feminine unusual shaped pink massager.

"Novelty use only" made me smile, what does that mean exactly. does anyone know, are we meant to just look at it and Oo and Arhh at the light and heat. But the box states that it is for "novelty and external use only".
"Any product use for medical purposes or for use that has an adverse effect on any function of the body is prohibited"
Is masturbating a medical would you know if it had an adverse effect till you used it..? Does this mean an increase in heart rate and increase bloodflow to certain areas of the body...?
Is it now saying we cant use it....?
Anyway I am using it and I am enjoying it.

The warm N glow massager is made by CalExotics novelties and is a 3 in 1 toy, a massager that warms and glows as well as a sextoy.
The pink feminine PU coat is very soft and sensuous; the waterproof massager is an unusual shape and is divided into 2 joined by a flexible neck, the neck is made of more brittle plastic so Im not sure how much pressure this could take if bent too far.

The full length of the massager is 17.5cm (including button).
The head is 6.5cm long and its widest point is 3cm which tapers to a smooth blunted tip for comfort enabling a wider surface area for massage.
The base is 9.6cm long; perfectly fitting into the palm of your hand so you can reach hard to get at places.

The battery compartment is pretty basic, the + and - signs inside do not show which way up the 2AA batteries are meant to go and are a very loose fit. Make sure the battery compartment is screwed on tightly as the seal is fairly thin, as I'm not sure how much I would trust the waterproof seal of the battery compartment and I'm not prepared to submerge it completely to find out. I love this too much.

The Vibrations
 At the base there is an well defined matching pink button to click through the 2 speed vibrations.
  • First click is a slow vibration, this didn't do much for me, 
  • 2nd click the speed is fast and rumbly.
  • Click again and it turns off. 
These vibrations are fairly quiet and cannot be heard through walls and certainly quite enough for a bath or shower.

    Over exagerated vibrations, it does not move as much as this image portrays.
    As a back pain sufferer I was looking forward to trying this as an added bonus for pain relief. On the base of the box it states "Therapeutic rays for increased blood circulation".
    This made me think of something from a bad 60's sci-fi B-movie, a flash of light that shoots from the end and maybe a healing wave or pulse, this is of course a slight exaggeration as is the phrase on the box.

    But that said the head really does heat up well and the soft PU coat feels wonderful smoothed over the skin.
    I suffer with a bad back and muscles pain and the warmth combined with vibration felt incredible, the vibrations are quite powerful and fairly rumbly but for me as a power queen, I felt it just needs an extra speed, I wanted a little bit more from the vibrations. But he vibes have a nice rumbly feel great for massage and it got me there in the end with the help of the was just wonderful.
    The ribbed flexible neck enables you to press and gently massage the head directly onto the skin and muscles for a sensuous and relaxing effect. But the image of the box is a little misleading in the fact the head does not sway, jiggle or move as extreme as the box shows.

    The Heat and Glow
     The heat was a great surprise for me as I really wasn't expecting to feel much warmth from such a in their words "novelty item". The heat is a really comfortable, enjoyable heat but does not get too hot to touch. It is hard to describe without measuring the actual temperature but its very warm and it maintained the same temperature until my brand new batteries started to die after approximately half an hour. 
    Obviously if you want powerful vibrations and heat; the trade-off is the battery power, it didn't last long at all. 
    But then it had already completed its main job and I did and it was fantastic.
    The brightly lit Warm N Glow in its own light in a dark room.

    The head glows beautifully in the dark, as you can see above. I think these maybe small lights that heat up of some kind, (e.g. which is why they do warn us to only use this for external use only). 
    The massager continued to heat up till my batteries died so the heat seems to be linked to the power of your batteries, so if it becomes too warm turn off immediately.
    But the only problem I found is that after about half an hour I actually found the base part you hold was warmer than the vibe, but it was still a very warm heat at the head.

     This massager is more like using a mini wand but with the added bonus of having heat. This is brilliantly innovative idea, this whole body massager really does help you relax.
    If you are a lover of sensory play you will love this little gadget, it feels incredible, the strong rumbly vibrations and the heat from the head certainly feels amazing against your clit, plus you can have a few inches of penetration should you wish, even though the box says "External use only", I'm still alive, nothing jumped out and ate me and I had no electric shocks. 
    But joking aside something that heats up must always be used with caution and common sense.

    The massager is made to be completely waterproof so technically you can clean it under running warm water, in thebath or shower I chose not to, as I do not 100% trust the seals and have yet to submerge this in the pursuit of science.
    The head cleans well with sextoy cleaner or under running water, but maybe a hygiene issue as it has a moulding join on the head and the neck is made of a corrugated plastic; which has a small gap where the motor sits inside. There maybe a waterproof seal inside but we cannot see it, but most certainly this gap will harbour germs, so you must play close attention to this when cleaning, use a spray cleaner to get onto all the gaps.

    A great innovative idea for beginner to advanced toy collector who loves sensory play, or someone who has every type of toy. A wonderful novelty gift for anyone who enjoys wands and body massage; the vibrations feel great, the smooth head gives a larger surface area for the vibrations to work through, plus slight penetration should you wish.
    But the main bonus with this massager is the fact of its warmth without having to prepare jugs of hot water in the bedroom and no more sleeping in the wet patch for my OH (there should only be one wet patch).
     Plus its a great price fo a fun toy like this, you will find your self using this more than you think.

    The only con for me is the battery power; but I understand if you want power and heat there has to be a trade-off. I would also have loved an extra speed, I just felt it wasn't powerful enough for me.
    That said I still thoroughly enjoyed this vibe and will be buying more batteries to enjoy the sensuous warming technology. Just seeing the head glow gives you a warm feeling and will also add a little fun for you and your partner. A great fun massager for yourself or with a partner, for theraputic or sensual purposes.

    Brilliant innovative idea,
    3 in1 toy, massager, vibe and heat,
    Great feminine colour,
    Soft and smooth,
    Discreet quiet vibrations,

    The poor battery power (Trade off).
    I would also have loved an extra speed,

     Thanks again to 
    You can buy yours

    product picture
    Vibrating head massager by California Exotic
    Material: Plastic / PVC

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    1. Really great review. Doesn't sound like this is for me though. Thank you for the review.

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    3. Thanks for the review!

    4. Excellent review!! Might have to try this one.


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