Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Buzz Buddy bargains

If you love something fun, something discreet and would love something to carry in your handbag at all times...just incase.


Sextoys have just dropped these adorable little vibes down to 

They were £39.99 giving you a huge saving of

Have you started Christmas shopping yet, I havent this is the ideal time to get something for your partner, best friend, great as a stocking filler.

There are 4 in this cute range.
 Bzzz Buddies are a brand new range of cute, dotable sex toys that will appeal to both the innocent and darker sides of you.

The Buzz Buddies are a compact personal massager with 4 interchangable tips, easy twist control and powerful vibrations.

They are waterproof for bath and shower play, so very lube friendly. 100% phthalates free, and powered by 1 AA battery (not included).

My favorite being

Pandy's Story:
Pandy was a wee little panda bear who lived in the forest. One day, as he went for his afternoon walk, he passed by a large bamboo tree. The bamboo began to laugh and asked, "Are you really a bear? I have never seen such a small bear in all my life." Pandy smiled and told the bamboo, "I like being small and unique. I am the only bear in the whole forest who can play with the caterpillars and take a nap on a flower petal.

My next favorite is  

Frisky's Story:
Frisky is a curious little kitty cat. Everything in the world seems so new and exciting to her! Every day Frisky spends her time exploring and finding new things to pique her curiosity. Whether it's something to play with or a new place to hide, Frisky loves to explore and experience her life to the fullest. It's a wonderful time for Frisky because she knows that some day, she will be held, loved, and played with all day long.

The next in this adorable range is

Shivers's Story:
"Brrrrrr," said Shivers. "I'm in my nice bed with my big quilt, but I'm still cold!" Shivers opened his front door to investigate, and saw that his house was covered in snow! He had snow all around him. Just then, Shivers heard a tapping sound. It was Chilly the Penguin! Shivers was so happy he gave Chilly a great big hug, but Chilly laughed. "What's so funny?" asked Shivers. "I came here to build a snowman," Chilly answered, "But instead, I found a snow bear!" The two started laughing, and Shivers felt much warmer.

For the dog lovers out there is
Paws' Story:
Paws is the smallest of all his brothers and sisters. They all seem to be so much bigger! But that doesn't bother Paws at all. He's able to crawl into all the small and tight spaces that the others can't, and he's the Number One puppy at hide-and-seek! Paws loves to run and play, so when you see him, just be ready to have tons of fun!

What an adorable range at a fantastic price, why not collect them all.
to treat yourself
or grab some pressies for Christmas
For Just
Remember its always FREE delivery


Get your better than half price Bzzz Buddies only £15 each this week!

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