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Bound By Diamonds 2 piece Hearts of Love Diamond Harness


I was really excited to find sextoys were sending me this to review. This is my 1st strap on and have been looking for a while now for one to use within the relationship between myself and friend.

I was after something not too large but had a bit of femininity to it and extra bling and this was absolutely perfect.

It arrived in a small tasteful understated feminine designed box with an image of a girl in luxury bra and panties wearing this strap on.

Inside the box it is packaged in 2 sections, the strapon and the black dildo sealed for hygiene purposes.

The strap on is made up of nylon webbing and is a double strap (meaning it cups your bum cheeks and is not worn like a thong like some other styles of straps). 

The front of the harness is a beautiful black patent leather heart surrounded with a strip of 79 diamantes (yes 79?); this stands out beautifully from the shiny black patent. The diamantes are set in black plastic strip and sewn securely on to the heart.; where they sparkle beautifully.

The heart is perfectly designed to be worn comfortably by a woman as well as looking very feminine and sexy. The back of the PVC heart has a layer of black fabric which is soft to touch and is slightly padded so when worn sits comfortably against your pubic bone.
The patent heart comes with a rubber ring attached in the centre to slip the black dildo in or any other dildo you may have to interchange with, its fairly stretchy and will accommodate most sized dildos.
The rubber ring is held securely in place by more nylon webbing and silver studs.

The harness is easy to wear, you simply step into it and pull it up like a pair of panties and then simply pull the nylon straps to tighten into place. The Waist adjusts to 52”/ 132 cm and I feel it would fit most sized women comfortably.

The black TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) dildo is slightly translucent and has a lovely sensuous curve to it, hitting the g-spot comfortably, the head isnt too large and is perfect for beginners but the length is as much as you wish to take. Some may find this too long. The base of the dildo has a large flare perfect to fit into most other strap-on should you wish to.
  • 16cm in length, 
  • Flared base is 7.2cm width
  • Girth is 4cm
  • Insertable 15cm
  • Headlength 3.5cm
  • Head width 3cm
The Science bit
85% PVC, 10% Polyester, 5% Cotton (harness) Crystal Glass and PE (diamonds) Polypropylene (straps) Polyester (padding) ABS (cinch hooks) Silicone (ring) TPR (probe) Steel (rivets).

I loved the smooth texture of this dildo but it is so soft it marks easily, I noticed after a few wears its already slightly dented from being fitted in and out of the harness.

You can see the amount of strapping you have.

The nylon straps are double sewn and the clasps extremely well made, similar to adjustable bag straps.
They are fitted into the black patent heart though 4 slits and you simply loosen these to allow the dildo to slip easily under the rubber ring, where you simply pull to tighten and its held securely in place, flat against the patent heart.
You then simply tighten the thigh and waist straps to fit, there is ample strapping left over as you can see from the images and I would say this would fit just about any size. It would be nice to have some velcro to attach the surplus ends of the straps to keep them out of the way.

 The straps cup your bum cheeks comfortably.

Once secured tightly around you , its comfortable to wear for a few hours of play and doesn't loosen.

The dildo cleans beautifully with wipes and sextoy cleaner, or simply run under a warm tap with warm soapy water, pay close attention to any scratches or dents you get with such a soft TPR.
The straps come off easily and are wipe clean, or hand wash in warm water, the patent heart is wipe clean and so are the diamantes, I wouldn't risk submerging the heart as the diamantes may eventually loosen, I don't feel there is any need to do this a simple wipe clean will suffice.
The only hygiene issue I foresee is if you wear this harness without panties the patent heart can slip down too low and the soft fabric will be difficult to clean.

Wearing this I felt very sexy and looked very sexy (So I was told) the patent leather and diamantes really do add that extra bling and glamour; making a very masculine product extremely feminine and unthreatening. It is one of the prettiest harnesses I have seen.

I wasn't expecting to be able to use this harness with any other dildo so the stretchy ring is a huge bonus enabling me to use this harness with other dildos I have for many years to come.
 It is very comfortable to wear the patent heart against your pubic bone, but it does slip a little lower (see above) and maybe more comfortable to wear some sexy knickers underneath, rather than nothing at all.

I also wore this with PVC hotpants and it really showed the diamante heart.
I felt the patent heart was quite thin, if it were slightly thicker it would be more supportive to the weight of the dildo, especially if you are planning to swap it with more heavier one, (maybe another layer of soft leather against the skin making it more hygienic too). But it was still quite comfortable when in use.
As my first strap I was slightly concerned when I saw all the strapping but I found this easy to fit and use, the straps are adjustable and it didn't loosen despite some quite rough play.

 You can see the length of the dildo from this photo.
As a receiver too the dildo is not intimidating like some that come with a harness; it has a lovely girth for a beginner, but for those of you like me that like to feel full you may like to swap it for another.
The length is brilliant, but again for those who are giving must be aware that some people may not be able to take the full length of this toy (6 1/2 inches,).
I love the fact that the stretchy ring enables you to use your favorite dildo or swap to a smaller anal one depending on your mood.
 TIP As an extra bonus the dildo is a great little suction toy by itself, it will stick firmly to any shiny surface making it into a perfect dildo to use with a friend or by yourself, try heating it up for extra sensory play.

 I absolutely loved this harness I felt amazing wearing it; this is a great 1st harness and also for those whose looks are very important while wearing a harness this will guarantee you look and feel sexy. It also makes you feel dominating in a feminine way unlike many harnesses that do not make the effort to make it look sexy.
 A perfect harness to keep in your toybox for that extra sexy bling when you want it.

Looks sexy,
Well made,
Brilliant beginners strap-on,
Diamantes add the extra bling,
Plenty of length to fit most sizes,
Slightly more padding thats wipe-able or washable behind the heart would be nice,
The dildo marks easily as its so soft,
Picks up dust like a hoover,
Velco to hold up the spare length of straps as they can get in the way,

Thank you Sextoys for sending me this sexy harness free of charge for a fair, honest review.

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