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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Rocks Off 4US

 The Rocks Off 4US Cockring

I was really excited to find out I would be trying our first couple toy from Rocks off, I now have quite a collection of toys for myself, so this was a first for both of us and we were looking forward to it.


The rocks off 4US came in a beautifully presented leather look black cardboard box with a plastic window to see the toy. The name 4US and Rock off both written in a lovely mirror finish writing.
 I loved the fact the box opens like a book, making it re-usable to keep it clean.
Inside the 4US sits in a plastic holder formed into the shape of itself surrounded by the RocksOff purple logo.

 Open box showing Rocks Off logos
The 4US is a great idea in the fact it is a cockring with a difference it can pleasure both the man and the woman at the same time.
The stretchy medical grade silicon sleeve does not have any rubbery smell to speak of and is a lovely bright blue.

The Science Bit
Statement From RocksOff
Rocks Off were the first to introduce Platinum cured silicone rubber to the adult market. This grade of silicone is used for long term body implants such as joint replacements and is 100% hypoallergenic. Our silicone is 100% Phthalate Free.
Rocks Off have developed their own medical grade material called IntraMed. IntraMed offers similar benefits as our silicone but is fully reprocess-able and recyclable making it an environmentally friendly alternative and ideal for certain types of toy. All their products are tested to the highest standard and are CE and ROHS certified.

I know there are many cock rings on the market, but I feel that many have a simple design fault, in the fact that the bullet sits in the cockring horizontally on the penis, to pleasure the man but I feel are not designed to fit a woman properly.

Where the 4US is unique in the fact it sits vertically so the bullet is designed to give us girlies maximum coverage of the clitoris. The 4US has extra thick stretchy arms forming the ring which hugs the penis firmly enabling the vibrations to be felt from base to tip. The centre ring of the arms of the 4us has 7 slightly raised knobbles to press gently into the penis to transfer the vibrations better.


The cock ring will stretch from 2.7cm girth to a diameter of 4.2cm,

4US Positioning just 1 way to wear this.

The 4US is designed to stimulate the clitoris in any position, it can be worn above or below the penis and its brilliant design has added a bulge below the ring and is curved very slightly to press directly on your clit.
4US sleeve and bullet

The waterproof Ammo 80mm glossy black bullet slips easily from the inside of the sleeve. It is a lovely designer looking glossy black with the rocks off logo embossed on the side.
It measures 8cm long and 1.6cm wide, perfect to hide in a bag or for travel too.

As with all RocksOff products it also comes with a single N size battery; simply remove the paper disc and your away. After changing battery please make sure you screw the base on tightly to maintain the waterproof seal.
The matching black silicon button on the base of the bullet has an excellent quality well defined click. It has 1 vibration so need to worry about fiddling with buttons to find your favourite sequence, 1 click and your off.
The vibrations are quite strong for the bullet by itself, once the sleeve is on it dampens the vibe a little, as with any sleeve. Its the quietest vibe I've ever owned and cannot be heard through duvet or sheets, let alone through walls or a door.

 RO 80mm Bullet
There are a variety of ways to use this toy giving something for anyone.

Ways to wear the 4US
  • Around the base of the penis,
  • Right underneath the head of the penis,  (my OH's fave)
  • Around cock and balls,
  • The bullet sitting above,
  • The bullet sitting below,

His point of view
Once on the penis this is very soft and pliable and the cockring warms to your body temperature quickly. My OH is very well endowed and had no problems getting it on, but being a very grippy texture care needs to be taken when already hard by working it gently down; it is definitely easier to fit while still soft. Larger men like my OH will find it more difficult to use this as a cock and balls ring as well as its fairly firm.
 The inner knobbles of the ring transfer the vibrations really well as they press into the skin of the penis, but this can work against you if you are a wider girthed guy. My OH found it very tight worn on the base of his penis and had to remove it after only 30mins, but luckily it had already completed its mission.Our 4US was a little unfinished and felt a little scratchy after prolonged lovemaking but usually we were finished before he felt any real discomfort.
 Used by itself under the head of the penis gives alot more sensation and will work wonders for guys using it alone. The 4US also works in another way in the fact it prolongs orgasms with its constrictions, so helping those guys who want to please their partners for longer. 

My Point of view
This incredible toy turns my man into a vibrating toy boy.!!!!
I loved him to wear the ring with bullet on the base of the penis as it gives me maximum pleasure to go cowgirl on top, its brilliant design has added a bulge below the ring to press directly on the clit, so I could control how hard or soft I pushed against the ring. This made me come almost immediately.

The next best position is doggy-style with him wearing the 4US under the penis this again hits the clit perfectly, its slight curve enables the bullet to cup your whole area.

Missionary was ok but could feel a little uncomfortable when the bullet is above the penis as it can dig a little into the pubic bone with slightly harder sex, the same with the girl ontop; you could hurt the guy if you get carried away too. So just be sensible with each other.


Our best position for us was definitely cowgirl (sitting on top (left))  reverse cowgirl (Right) works well too with the ring turned round to my clit.

Sitting in a chair cowgirl really does works well as it helps to support you both. It seems to keep the 4us in place better too.
The bullet on its own for me wasn't quite strong enough as I'm a power freak, but used together as a couple (what it is made for ...doh!... )wow what a different story, I was there in minutes.
 You will have to forfeit some depth of penetration for extra G-spot coverage and vibrations, believe me its worth it. Either way it will spice up things in the bedroom for both of you, encouraging you to try new positions. 

 Something to be aware of too is when using condoms, add some water-based lube if you don't already as the 2 materials will grip to each other and may tear or at least cause the condom to ride up.

Nipple play
Anyone who reads my reviews regularly knows I adore nipple-play and while having fun with many different positions my OH placed the stretchy hook part over my nipple, wow this worked, it tightened beautifully around it and I felt the vibrations really well.

  Ideal for nipple play
Turn any dildo to a vibe
What I love about this great design is the fact you can stretch the ring over any size dildo up to 4.2cm and you have penetration and clitoral stimulation at once, so if you have a favourite dildo, maybe glass or silicon, heat it up or cool it down and add the silicon 4us onto it.
The silicon warms up beautifully to your body or the glass dildo.

   The RO 4US on The Temp

I used the Temp which you can fill with hot water (or cold) and as glass is a great conductor of heat it warmed fast, and so did the 4us wow what a treat to have heat inside and warmth on my clit too; absolutely amazing sensations.

 RO 4US on my Lovemoiselle Ceramic Noemie

This also works brilliantly on dildo harnesses, simply add extra vibes to your favorite dildo and harness set, give your partner a real treat. 

The 4US is completely waterproof, so its best cleaned under running warm soapy water; then use a sextoy spray to make sure.
The sleeve itself does have some noticeable seams but these are soft and don't effect use in anyway. But they need to be paid close attention too while cleaning. The soft texture feels amazing but it is like a dust magnet so you need to store the 4US in its own box.

As a discreet couple toy this worked absolutely perfectly. Its well made and funky with strong vibrations and we loved exploring the different angles and positions to see what worked, it caused a lot of giggles and fun and most of all it worked brilliantly getting us both there quite quickly.
we loved it!
This really does turn your man into a boytoy!!!
 It gives the most intense orgasms and helps to maintain hard-ons for longer; it has a great versatility enabling so many ways for the 4us to be used, so it will suit almost any man or woman, both beginner and advanced. Its not just a mans toy, but a single woman's toy too as it can be used on your favourite dildo turning your basic toys into vibrating ones as well as using it on your nipples. Plus of course your dildo harnesses.
To top it all you can simply use the 1 speed bullet by yourself or with a friend. If you've never tried a couple toy try the 4US, something for both of you to use together or by yourselves.
A fantastic couples toy and an affordable must have for any toybox .

Well designed for both of us,
Great bullet,
High quality,
Comes with battery,

The inner nobbles having slightly scratchy seams,

Thanks goes to Rocks Off for sending me the 4US to review for an honest unbiased review.

You can buy yours 
Or from the US

product picture
Cock ring by Rocks Off Limited
Material: IntraMed

Saturday, 26 November 2011

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