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Vibrating Knicker Critter Clitoral Arouser Strap-On

Don’t snigger at the 
Mighty Knicker Glitter Critter

Don’t let the name put you off; yes you would want this critter in your knickers.

This little guy was one of my first strap on toys many years ago.


When you first open the packaging you do get quite a strong rubbery smell as it does contain latex and phthalates, the little critter itself is 2 1/4 inches of lovely soft purple jelly with silver glitter running through him, so feminine and fun looking, he is a soft to touch and flexible and warms quickly on the skin.
He is a cute, wired, clitoral stimulator with a matching purple California exotics remote box, which is ergonomic fitting comfortably in your hand.
The California exotics logo is delicately embossed in silver to match the critter; giving a feminine feel to it.
The unit takes 2 AA batteries and has a scroll wheel, which allows you to easily increase or decrease the vibrations to suit you, just using your thumb.
I actually see a small monkey shaped animal rather than a critter, as the word critter makes me think of something we don’t like very much, but he has a slight cuteness about him; but with no eyes or nose to stare at you so don’t worry.

Each arm and leg has a thin transparent latex strap attached to it; similar to the invisible bra straps with the same adjustable slider so it fits snugly around your thighs.
But the straps can be fiddly to alter being a grippy texture and not easily slid to size; plus I don't feel it could take too much pulling before it may tear.
But once on, it fits snug and is comfortable to wear under knickers, skirts and jeans.
Im a size 8 and I found it fitted me well, but Lovehoney state a maximum thigh of 27 inch circumference; but that’s no real problem as you can easily replace the straps with thicker elastic or softer material.
Or remove them completely as he will stay in place just by wearing tighter knickers.
I’m not allergic to latex normally, but sadly I did find the straps made me itch quite badly. But I simply removed the straps and wore him just in my knickers, which held him in place perfectly.

I loved the shape of the critter, (I wasn’t allergic to him at all).
If you can imagine the critter lying face-down, his head is fairly flat and his bum has a raised nub either for your clit or pussy depending on which way round you wear him.
This little critter sits snugly against the clit and I found if I pressed him against me I felt the sensations better; I also found simply sitting on him pressed him against my clit increasing the sensation. The arms and legs also give some pleasurable vibes across your pussy and labia.
I do love powerful vibrators and I found this little critter definitely hit my spot; he has quite an intense vibe and he sits snugly and comfortably in-between the lips of your pussy.
I can wear him for hours on end and tuck the little remote in the pocket of my jeans or skirt; allowing me to have full control and turn the vibrations up and down discreetly depending on my mood or where I am.
I used this most often by myself but was great fun to use while going out shopping; my OH loves knowing I have this little fella snuggled up against me.

The vibrations are fairly noisy so I wouldn’t suggest going into a library or silent room, but a busy bar would be fine or in a busy supermarket. After all you can alter the speed therefore altering the noise level to suit your environment.

It’s not the best idea to use during penetration as his shape does get in the way but we did manage it a few times in different positions.

It washed easily and even though it’s not waterproof, you can simply use wipes on both the critter and straps.

Despite that I was allergic to the straps; I love this little guy he really hit my spot many times, I feel sexy wearing him knowing I can make myself come at anytime.
Definitely a cute, fun, sparkly feminine toy to have in your collection, which is discreet with amazing vibrations.
My OH loves knowing I have this little fella snuggled up against me and will often take charge of the remote, it’s a shame his not wireless it would be perfect.

A fun, cute discreet toy to share with powerful vibes, a girls best friend.


Discreet, great vibrations and sensations, feminine, fun colour and shape, great to share.


Straps fiddly; but can be replaced or removed easily. 

 The Science Bit
 Length 2.25 inches,
Circumference 2.75 inches
Material; Jelly, rubber,
Colour; Purple,
Waterproof; No,
Contains Phthaltes and latex,
Controller; wired,
Power; 2AA batteries

You can Buy your Glitter critter directly from 




I had little minky for many years and was one of my 1st strap on toys, he was the one I turned to when I was in deparate need.

About a year ago I discovered he was looking sick his skin and some cracks were appearing; due to the phthaltes in his body, so I had to make the heartbreaking desision to put him to sleep.

You will be sorely missed my dear Minky!


Dear Friend




Lovehoney Sex Toys

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