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Seven Til Midnight Opaque Stockings with Satin Bows and Diamante's

Lovehoney Sexy Lingerie

As any girl knows when you put on a pair of silky black stockings you feel a million dollars, immediately you walk taller, boobs out a little, head held high, you feel and look amazing.
These are no exception.

  I was really excited to find these 
in the post as a review item from Lovehoney

They arrived in a simple black packet with a beautiful model on the front displaying the stockings to their best.

Their main feature is a well sewn, seamed keyhole design on the backs of the stockings circled with large diamantes and finished with a large black satin bow. I was surprised at the size of the diamantes and bows, they are both much larger than I expected, even after seeing the photo it was a lovely surprise.
There are 19 large diamantes securely glued on to the back of each stocking, they are 6mm in diameter and have the most gorgeous sparkle, catching the light beautifully. The black satin bows are sewn firmly onto the elastic of the stocking top where they hang perfectly. 

The one size opaque stockings have an elastic top to help them stay in place and I would say they are approx 60-70 denier, as they are a very dense black opaque stocking. So if you have veins, blemishes or scars or simply feel conscious about your legs these are perfect as they hide a multitude of sins. They are also quite supportive and slim your legs slightly.

These stockings roll up beautifully and are so soft and smooth to touch; some stockings Ive bought from the high street has chafed and made me itch; but these felt silky and soft against my skin. They wont ladder easily due to the quality, so if you are fairly clumsy at plucking and laddering stockings these will be great for you.
Im 5 ft 4 and size 8 with a 31 inch inside leg, I struggle with stockings as I have fairly slim legs and they often slip down; but was so pleased as they fitted me beautifully.
Once pulled up; with a quick adjustment in the mirror to get the bows straight and aligned with each other they look gorgeous, the elastic tops are not too tight it sinks into your leg giving unsightly bulges; and are not too lose they fall down straight away.

Although as I walked around they did slip down to sit comfortably on my lower thigh, but they still looked great; giving a school girl kind of look from the front and a gorgeous luxurious look from the back, they actually sparkled as I walked catching the light beautifully.
If you want them thigh high you will have to use suspenders, (as explained in the product description) especially if you are going out, they will also prevent the bows from twisting around keeping both stockings beautifully level all night. 

A tip here - I attached my suspenders from behind the bow so it hides the suspender clip and the effect was really gorgeous, keeping the lovely keyhole shape all night.
When I took them off to my surprise they maintained their shape, many stockings stretch after 1 wear and next time you look like Nora batty. But even after washing them they were still as good as new; showing Seven til midnight's great quality.

These are hand wash only in warm water, I have washed them once and so far I haven't lost any of the diamantes. But I feel the warmth will degrade the glue eventually and the elastic top may eventually stretch and you would have to use suspenders. But for the price its well worth buying a few pairs of these sexy stockings.

These are comfortable sexy stockings that look fantastic with almost anything feminine; a corset, basque or baby doll or simply on their own.
It complimented my corset set perfectly as it had lots of black satin bows.

If worn without suspenders they are quite high maintenance with constant readjusting as you walk The bow is slightly wonky here. (See above)
But its worth it for the look if its only for a few hours or for some bedroom fun. But they do look just as sexy with suspenders for a nightout which will keep them in position all night long. Not only do they look sexy, the thicker denier will give you some added warmth during those Winter party months, perfect for Halloween and Xmas parties.

Overall I loved them, the extra bling and bows are gorgeous from the back; but from the front they are quite plain, it would have been nice to have another matching bow or diamante to finish the front off.
That said they are beautifully inconspicuous with just a touch of luxury from behind.
I think they are excellent quality for that special occasion and most of all you will be guaranteed to feel and look incredibly sexy.

Excellent quality,
Soft and smooth against the skin,
Diamantes sparkle,
Fit well,
Dont sag or knee,
Wash well,
Look sexy,

The front is quite plain, a matching black satin bow or diamante would finish them off beautifully.

Thank you Lovehoney for letting me review these gorgeous stockings.

Lovehoney Sexy Lingerie

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  1. These look absolutely stunning! I don't really own any stockings but would definately consider investing in some of these. I often think of them to be quite uncomfortable and often turning saggy, these however sound like they've overcome that and they're so sexy to look at too :D
    Thanks for another great review x


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