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Rocks Off LUV

I was really excited to find I would be receiving some items to review from Rocks-Off, I knew I'd be getting great quality toys. I already own several of the Rocks off toys and their quality is always brilliant.

I had been looking at the Luv for a long time now because it is a 2 in 1 toy, I couldn't wait to try it. I suffer quite badly with sore aching muscles and joints, so was looking forward to being able to use this all over.

The presentation of the Luv really is gorgeous, it comes in its own transparent hard plastic box with a pretty feminine clear sleeve with hearts.
The Luv sits stabilised inside the box by small plastic feet which keeps it in position within the box, the lid sits over the Luv and forms a neat little neck to hold the Luv securely in place.

This would make a gorgeous gift for any girl for any time of the year.
Rocks Off have thought of everything;

It is exceptionally well made as well as beautifully feminine. From the minute you take this out of the box it has an expensive luxurious feel, it has a lovely substantial weight to it and has a beautiful ergonomic curve allowing it to sit comfortably in your hand. 
The main body of the Luv is shiny white smooth ABS  plastic with a gorgeous pastel pink silicon sleeve tip which forms the shape of a heart.



It is 170mm x 64mm x 53mm
The heart itself is 8cm long by 8 wide as it curves over and tapers to the tip.

The Luv has a perfect sensuous curve to it angling the head to reach hard to get at places; like your lower back, between your shoulder blades etc.

This head is brilliantly designed by Rocks off because this toy gives you various ways to apply the stimulation of the vibrations.

Being the shape of a heart you have a beautiful tapered tip; this gives perfect pinpoint pressure application. Turned over to use the whole heart flat allows deeper massage to a larger surface area rather than a pinpoint.

The base of the handle has a small rocks off emblem embossed in white over the battery compartment. To change batteries you gently pull the base off and the whole battery cartridge slides out completely allowing you to easily replace the 4 AAA batteries.
 No more fumbling to work out which way up they go, the batteries simply slot into the chamber and it slides back up inside the unit. (A small sticker shows you "this way up" just incase anyone is confused.)
Being completely waterproof the battery compartment has a matching pink silicon ring to seal the compartment, when you change the batteries you must make sure this seal is in place and flat before closing the unit, to maintain a watertight seal.

The Control pad
The waterproof silicon control pad is white to blend in with the whole unit. The buttons have a well defined click showing the excellent quality of the keypad and cannot be accidentally turned on.

I love the easy to use 2 separate buttons; one for on/off, the other for the vibrations and sequences.
But the great thing is that you can turn it off quick if you get disturbed without having to scroll through the sequences to find off.
How many of you have tried to use a vibe discreetly, hear someone coming and have to scroll through the rest of the sequences to find off, which maybe louder eeek!
With the Luv its a simple turn on, then move to the functions to click through the different patterns to find the one you want.

I had a lovely surprise too when I turned it on for the first time as the button panel lights up purple, giving a beautiful glow; this really gives this massager a touch of luxury.

This pik really doesnt give this justice.

Taken in the dark, the gorgeous purple-pinky glow you can faintly see the heart to the right

The Vibrations
This gorgeous massager really has a beating heart, it has 5 vibrations and believe me you wont need anymore. All 5 patterns are deep and rumbly, for those of you like me who love a bit more power in their vibes this is definitely for you.

The 1st three modes are a constant buzz each press has an extra increment of speed .
These are still deep compared to most vibes I own; 3 is one of my favourites as its the strongest intense speed....just wonderful sigh...!

The  4th is a very fast pulse of approximately 15 pulses escalating into one,
The 5th has 15 deep intense pulses of approximately half a second each. These do not escalate.
Its unusual for a vibe to have a slower pulse at the end, but its the strongest and deepest pulse.

I was amazed at the power of the vibrations, they were all deep and rumbly they felt incredible. For foreplay you can use this all over the body for sensuous massage on yourself or with a partner.
It feels amazing on your nipples during foreplay and slowly up and down your spine.
I personally love to alternate between number 3 which is the fastest and deepest speed to the pulses 4 and 5, but all vibrations are amazing compared to most of my toys I own already. The last 3 speeds and pulses are so deep I can feel them through my whole pelvis.

Add a water-based lube and heighten all the sensations.

You obviously cant use the water-based lube in the bath or shower
One note of caution: silicone lubes and silicone toys don't mix, it will degrade the toy.

 Use the heart flat it glides smoothly over your skin and the sensations are incredible; the lube adds so much extra sensitivity allowing the vibrations to penetrate through your skin and deeply into your muscles.
I also love the Luv in the bath as the silicon heart holds the heat beautifully. 

Again I keep going on about the design but its the Luv's ace card, it is in the angle of the head, it cups a woman perfectly with no wrist ache or stretching needed like some vibes.
The heart tip is perfect for pin point stimulation on your clit or slide it further down between your pussy lips to the entrance of  your vagina and you have the whole heart against you, you can feel the pulses through my whole pelvis....oh wow!!
We have also tried this successfully between us, the angle of the head makes this perfect.

The variety of the Luv is amazing we have found 15 ways to use this so far...;
  • Use over your nipples and boobs,
  • Stomach,
  • Inner thighs,
  • Up and down your spine,
  • Gliding over your shoulders and neck,
  • Bum cheeks and upper thighs,
  • Back of your calves,
  • Use the tip of the heart for pinpoint pressure to your clit,
  • Move further down and use the flat heart inside and between your lips against the whole pussy.
  • Use the tip for a few centimetres of penetration.
  • Use side on to slide between your pussy lips,
  • Use as a couple toy as it will slide between 2 people perfectly.
  • You can sit on this (but find the pattern you like first as its hard to get the button to change)
  • Place this between your OH thighs and sit on their lap.
  • Tease your anus,

The Luv an exceptional luxury toy and the design is brilliant from the smooth feminine contours, to the angled head perfectly designed to get to all areas and still apply pressure if you wanted to.

This beating heart offers a choice of pinpoint pleasure or the flat on heart for massage; its deep intense pulses penetrate into your muscles relieving aches and pains as well as giving intense pleasure to yourself or your OH. The fact it is waterproof means you can take this anywhere in the bath or shower for added pleasure.

The Luv is very similar to a wand but the head is rigid and shaped, so if you love wands you will love this option to add to your collection, as it has the added bonus of the shaped head so you have the option of different types of stimulation and you can penetrate a little if you wish. This has the power of a wand and a much more affordable price bracket.
As a reviewer I make a point of never speaking for others, BUT I'm going to make an exception, this really will suit anyone, even if its only used for muscle relaxation. A first time toy user will enjoy the increasing speeds and the pinpoint pressure tip; an advanced toy user will love the extra power and the intense rumbly vibes.
I also love the fact you have a solid feminine box to keep it in.

The whole experience of owning a Luv is special from the wonderful box with hearts, to the luxurious expensive feel, to the power of the patterns; to the ultimate pleasure it gives.
This is a gorgeous luxurious gift for any girl and a perfect valentines pressie or just to say you Love someone. This is a must for any toy collection!

Two in 1 toy,
Feminine shape,
Sensuous design,
Powerful and intense vibrations,
So many variations of use,
Gorgeous gift for any girl,


How can you not love the Luv! 

Thanks to 
for allowing me to review another one of their excellent products.

You can buy yours from

Or from the US

product picture
Clitoral vibrator by Rocks Off Limited
Material: Silicone / Plastic


  1. Great review. I love your pictures against the lingerie. Very creative. Glad to hear this is strong. I think I'll be picking it up soon.

  2. Thank you for the review, I'm glad you liked the product so much and listed its multiple uses.

  3. Awesome, detailed review. Thank you

  4. oh wow i so want one of these

  5. Thanks you, I absolutely adore this product, its a battery operated wand with a perfect shaped head.
    Yes the vibes are powerful and rumbly, as Im quite a power freak and hate weak vibes.
    I love taking the photos as much as writing the reviews thanks so much everyone.

  6. Thank you for the very detailed review! I loved it a lot.

  7. Wow, thank you for such a detailed review and pictures! I'm definitely excited for this! I even love the packaging, it's cute.;-)

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  9. Thanks for the review.

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  11. Thanks for your review on this perfect Valentines Day gift!!!
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  12. Thanks again, yes this really is the perfect Valentines day gift.

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    Thanks for the review!
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