Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ramsey Rabbit by Rocks Off

I was so pleased when I received little Ramsey rabbit from Nice "N"Naughty, as I knew I would be getting a great quality vibe from Rocks off,  and he didn't disappoint; he is the cutest bullet around.

He comes in Rocks of hexagonal shaped packaging which is fun and modern and is perfect to keep him in too.

With Ramsey rabbit you are actually receiving two toys in one as you have Rocks off legendary 80mm bullet vibe in a gorgeous anodised metallic hot pinky-purple, which is 8cm long and 1 3/4cm wide and all the strong vibrations are concentrated into the tapering tip, for pinpoint stimulation.

This is the same bullet used in Rocks off rock chick with a matching pink silicon button with a simple on/off 1 speed vibration.

 Side by side

Ramsey himself is the cutest silicon bunny sleeve I've ever seen.

Wots Up Doc!!! 

The detailing of his nose eyes and face are so well designed.
The thick silicon sleeve feels soft and smooth and is made of exceptional quality medical grade, hypo-allergenic, recyclable material which slips easily over the Ro 80mm bullet. (phew)

He comes with a 1.5V LR1 / N Size  battery; where you simply remove the little paper disc for use and your ready to go.
They are simply replaced by unscrewing the base, I do love companies that includes the batteries.

The ring of silicon to give a waterproof seal.

Once the bullet is slipped up inside Ramsey 1 click turns him on with a single
 speed vibration, which reverberates around the hollow mould giving amazingly strong buzzing ears and nose!

After trying the RO 100mm I had my doubts whether he would actually work for me, as the 100mm vibe didn't have the power I need from my vibes;
but I didn't care as I just simply adore his cute well designed features.

But to my surprise because he is designed so well; the lovely long ears really worked for me as they can slip either side of your clit; I could feel the vibrations quite well through the thick sleeve but are far better on his ears and the back of his head.

But if you found it too strong simply turn him over and use his nose, which with the tail could penetrate a little way if you wanted them to for added stimulation.
I found I could use different parts of him to snuggle into my pussy and despite the Ramsey having 1/2cm of thick sleeve I was still able to feel the vibrations.

 He is also one of the quietest bullet vibrators I own; you wouldn't be able to hear him through a wall or in the shower; a perfect discreet vibe.

I did find due to the grippiness of the silicone I needed my Sliquid Organics H20 lube, so always use a water-based lube with silicon toys.
He is also perfect for use in the bath or shower being 100% waterproof.

Being silicon. he is easy to clean and sterilise, simply run him under warm soapy water or use a specialised toy cleaner' you can then store him back in his rocks off box.
Never store him against another silicon toy as they will react and degrade each other.

He is still slightly underpowered for me and it took me much longer to to get there, but I got there eventually; but I would prefer to have a bit more power or a few more speeds and pulses to make him perfect.
He has a gorgeous versatile design not just to look cute but his features enable you to use his shape to fit into yours, so Im sure any person can find a part of him to enjoy.

Both sleeve and bullet are 100% waterproof allowing you to use him anywhere, his small discreet size is perfect for a handbag and travel, if you wish you can slip Ramsey off and just take the bullet with you;
but I personally wouldn't be without him...those ears...oh my!!!

I absolutely loved this little guy, you can simply slip on the bunny "sleeve" or use the bullet by itself.
Ramsey is an ideal first vibrator and 2 for 1 gift for anyone who loves their toys; discreet, small and a brilliant novel idea; for use by yourself or with a partner.

Nudging the bug.
Two in 1 toy,
Great 1st time vibrator,
Great gift idea for anyone who loves toys,

Needs a little more power,
A few more pulses and speeds,

Thanks again to Nice "N" Naughty for letting me review 
Ramsey rabbit

Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

Nice "N" Naughty


  1. WOW He sounds absolutely amazing...even better with a few tweaks as I too like a pretty strong pulse/vibration! lol
    I'm yet to try a Bullet of any kind...feel like i'm somewhat missing out! Think Ramsey Rabbit is a great idea though as he looks harmless and he's a pretty good cover up! lol ;)

  2. Great review! Very informative and I LOVE the pictures - so imaginative!


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