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The Kitty Spank-her

Kitty spank-her - Paddle - EdenFantasys

As a cat lover I fell in love with this kitty Spank-her
so I was really excited to find out  Eden were able to send this to review.

This was also my very 1st paddle and I have been enjoying the BDSM scene for many years but only recently discovered I really do enjoy a bit of pain.
I have a few whips now which I thoroughly enjoy but had yet to try a paddle; but as soon as I saw this kitty; as a cat lover I fell in love with her.
Other paddles can be quite threatening and have simply put me off but she is so feminine and unthreatening; she is my purrfect introduction to paddles.

She is also a beautiful novelty for any cat lover, pink girly-girl, dominatrix, cat woman or simply anything fancy dress.
She has several other matching pieces that would go lovely with this paddle if dressing up.
See piks at the end of the review.
When I opened the box I was hit by the wonderful aroma of leather and suede, like many of us kinksters I love this smell and its a huge part of BDSM to get into the mood and frame of mind.
 The leather smell is so erotic and such a shame it wears off so quickly; I wish we could bottle it.

Even though I knew what size kitty was, it was a very pleasant surprise to how tall she was, she really is quite impressive when you first see her.
She arrived very simply just rested in the box surrounded by brown scrunched paper with no plastic bag or packaging.
She comes with her own cute collar which is the sales tag; so you keep it on her if you love the more cutie look.; but will hurt alot if spanked with it attached . The tag comes with a naked woman in black and white holding the pink kitty covering her boobs underneath is quite cute and it says.
"Watch her tail twitch as you slowly stroke down and jump as you swat with the leather."
It said in very small print.
Sold as novelty only manufacturer assumes no responsibilty........made me laugh!

Picking her up she feels nice and weighty in your hand at approx half a pound in weight.
Unlike many paddles she is not at all scary compared to some spankers available on the market.

The Kitty Spank-her paddle is made by "Ruff Doggie styles" and has a great versatility.
She is beautifully designed and has an adorable silhouette of an elegant cat sitting down; with her tail dangling into a J shape; forming her own purr-fect handle (sorry had to be said). 
 She is 14" inches long; and 5" inches wide.

"Ruff Doggie style's" 
really have the styling perfect even down to storing her by hanging her by the tail.

        EVIL and ANGELIC

Great quality black leather side and her front softer pink suede side.

The front of the Kitty spanker is made from a gorgeous pink pastel padded suede and the back a thick black smooth leather. 
A 3rd central layer of leather between these hold a flat metal rod running up from her tail to the middle of her chest to give the paddle a real rigidity, the rod stops at her chest allowing the head slightly more flexibility needed for spanking, but really, really not much.

Her charming feline features are detailed from the delicate black embroidery of her nose, mouth and whiskers, ears and paws. Her eyes are formed from white plastic with black embroidering her pupil.

Her sincere feline smile lulls you into a false sense of security that the paddle is nice and soft and I thought!.
The quality
This spanker is excellent quality and I think she will stand up to a lot of abuse with the support and rigidity of the metal rod through her centre, but I have noticed the black leather on the back has started to crease slightly at the neck; with our quite hard use.

The kitty's tail doubles as the padded handle and is comfortable in my petite hands; and my OH also has found her comfortable even for his larger manly hands; which is most the time..ouch!!

Her 1/2 pound weight is perfect to get a great THWACK and alot of sting with very little effort and hardly any swing or force. 
Purrfect for us girlies

Evil and angelic kitty

Don't let this endearing pink kitty lull you into a sense of comfortable really dont!!
The lovely long length and the 2 complete opposite textures to her gives her a great evil and angelic side.
Imagine dressed up as a dominatrix; picture the scene
Your dressed up in black PVC, 6 inch high thigh boots, a whip in 1 hand and your sub is laying trembling at whats to come; then you bring out your kitty spank-her.
Do they laugh....well maybe but not for long, as you can punish them for lauging!
Purrfect if you are into humilation just to see someone's face when they see you with this pink girly kitty paddle?

The combination of having the soft suede and smooth leather offers quite different sensations for foreplay
 I loved this gently smoothed and stroked over my body; especially in circles over my bum and back and shoulders; very erotic, this warmed my skin awakening my nerves in anticipation.

 Turned over there is a huge contrast between her warm soft suede to the smooth coolness of the black leather; and is puuurfect for inbetween spanks to soothe sore hot skin....your so going to need it...
I did!

The spanks
Basically that like for like the Suede side gives 80% of the hit compared to 100% of the leather side.
The soft padded suede absorbs the bounce and gives a more thuddy Thwack; whereas the leather has more bounce off and is very, very stingy and smartie.
I have the bruises to prove this.

When using her head to spank which is what she is originally made for 
( as a cat lover this feels so wrong)
it has a little more flexibility than her main body due to not having the support of the metal rod inside her head.
A cute side to this is depending on how hard you are spanked; you can get temporary cats eyes indentations on you bum cheeks. (Ive yet to have these)
I found I could feel the embroidery of the face and the plastic cats eyes, giving a slight scratchy sensation; although this wasnt unpleasant.
Turn her over and feel the sting and smarting from the black leather.
 If you are spanked hard you will have a whole cats head indentation in you bum cheek depending on the force of the spank of course.
*Pik of my very red bum cheeks to come*

The longer length of the paddle gives a much larger surface area to cause some real hard spanking.I can recieve a sting to both bum cheeks at the same time.
Kitty's chest is slightly more padded than her head and turned over black leather kittyan give
"One hell of a sting" 
A huge comparison to her suede side.
I recieved some quite large bruises with this side and the force of the spank is very powerful if your not used to it.

As cute as she is this kitty is not for the feint hearted; you can get alot of force for very little movement because of the metal rod down the middle preventing any flexibility. 
But the pain inflicted depends on the giver.

 I will say she is more for Intermediate to Advanced users; unless used by someone experienced.
Beginners shouldnt take this kitty lightly!!

 My way to tame the kitty
I found the purrfect way for me to enjoy kitty was to recieve alternate Thwacks from suede to leather, by having a slight break in between with the soft suede;
I was able to take heavier thwacks on the leather side.

Something to be very careful of is to NEVER accidentally hit the victim using the corner of kitty's head as it has no give or bend and is quite hard and sharp.
Spanks should always be given flat on the leather or the suede side.

Seriously you could keep this spanker hanging on the wall near a window in case of fire as the corner of her head could actually break glass.

You know cats hate water......!
Any lubes, oils, liquids will damage her suede so try to use the leatherside if using any of these products on the skin . 
If she starts to get grubby with use on her suede you could easily use some suede cleaner; our kitty was quite grubby from travelling when she arrived so we will be trying this soon.
I use a antibacterial wipe on her leather side and allow her to dry.

I loved this paddle so much for so many different reasons, she has the versatility that many paddles dont have.
If you enjoy the marks and indentations you will love this spanker
Depending on how hard you are spanked she will leave a lovely silhouette of the kitty or just her feminine eyes.
She certainly left her lasting impressions on my bum cheeks. 

She has a definite evil and angelic side to her, the endearing novelty aspect will appeal to many of us and its a puuurfect gift for most us girlies, cat lovers, submissives like myself or the dominatrix; either way you will enjoy using or receiving this spanker. 

This adorable feline hides the pain that can be inflicted once this kitty gets her claws out.

Yes please I loved it!
I give her

We did have some fun with this kitty
If she can have a dark side, so can I.

Other matching pieces that would go beautifully with this spanker are;

Leather and suede cat styled blinfold.
Kitty blindfold - Blindfold - EdenFantasys
My review is HERE

Handcrafted leather and suede crop with cat head.

Kitty crop - Crop - EdenFantasys

Handcrafted leather and suede paddle with cat design.

To get 15% off at checkout click any of the links or images above
and add my 
Discount code V3E to your basket.

product picture
Paddle by Ruff doggie styles
Material: Leather


This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines

Kitty spank-her - Paddle - EdenFantasys


  1. Great review sweetie, it's a shame you can't have the full review on here.

    Still believe you should have said something.

    Don't worry about posting pictures, you are seriously gorgeous! *whistles*


  2. Awesome review, nicely detailed and educational

  3. Awesome review, super detailed and helpful!

  4. Wow, thanks for really breaking down every little element of this paddle---I love hearing about construction, but this is the first review I've ever read that compares being hit with the top, being hit with the middle, along with both the leather and suede sides (smart of them to have two options!)... excellent review. I might pass this up as I'm not really a lover of pink, but it sounds like I should definitely be considering paddles from this company! (Awesome picture, too )

  5. Great review!
    I love the pics, and you described the kitty so well.

  6. I have this and LOVE it! Great review!

  7. Thanks for the great review and a very nice photo.

  8. Thank you for the review and the photos : )

  9. Great review, thank you!
    Also, much appreciated for the photos letting us know how to hang kitty.


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