Thursday, 22 September 2011

 True Pleasures

Naughty, Non-Sex Toy Items!
These are items that I have used for fun that wasnt a sex toy.

  1. A hairbrush ..
  2. My ladyshave- this was brilliant alot of vibrations here.
  3. Rolled corner of the duvet.
  4. Wine Bottle,
  5. A beer bottle, I know so dangerous but hey young and stupid,
  6. A remote control, similar to the sky for the sleek curves.
  7. A book, not even erotica....., just a nice hard spine.
  8. A gear stick, it was steel and round..and cold....
  9. An ice-lolly , but cant remember which one.
  10. The best for me was a shower-head on massage!!!
I will add more as I remember them, let me know what you have used...anything really unusual, I love to hear from you, i promise I wont tell anyone...?

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  1. Actually, the beer bottle wouldn't be that dangerous, as long as it didn't have any scratches or chips, and as long as it was sterilized in the dishwasher or something. I remember reading about it when I was doing a guest post for Babeland on glass toy safety.

    Thanks for linking up!


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