Thursday, 29 September 2011

Skyn Mates latex free condom's

Skin to Skin Pleasure

We decided to try a good brand of thin condoms that were also latex-free as sometimes I'm allergic. I was impressed with all the reviews and the name Skyn said it all.

The classy/sophisticated black and gold cardboard box contains 12 latex free condoms made of premium polyisoprene, a product produced to look and feel like latex. Each condom is individually packaged either in gold foil with elegant black writing or vice versa, giving a classy feel to the packaging. 

We found that some of the foiled condoms said Mates and some said Lifestyle. This was slightly worrying at first especially when it said "made in Thailand"; but after some research we found that the company Ansell owns both Mates and Lifestyle, one being British and one US.
We did check the dates and they differed slightly, so it's worth just checking before use they are all in date, just in case.

Individually they look expensive and each condom can be ripped off to be carried discreetly in a wallet purse or bag without the gaudy cheap appearance of other condoms.
The packet opens very easily, tearing along the edge and ONLY the edge with no worry of ripping the condom inside. Some packets are hard to open and you can easily tear the condom just getting it out the packet, ruining the moment.
With these in my case my OH can discreetly sneak one on. I used to be able to hear the foil tearing but he is now able to open these quietly and secretly and then surprise me!
I was also quite relieved there was no off-putting strong rubbery smell or taste. Though they do have a spermicidal lubrication which is a little oily and which did leave small grease marks on the sheets, but this simply washes out.
We found we didn't need extra lubrication with these condoms unless we continued for a longer session, perfect for quickies. It does state that even though they are NOT latex to still use a water-based lube, also confirmed in another review.

They have a much softer feel compared to the average condom and as the box says, "it's skin to skin sensation" and this really is.

My OH definitely noticed so much more sensation between these and our normal make, and despite feeling thinner they still feel strong and supple and don't feel like they will tear with a lot of movement. Many latex-free condoms can be thicker and inflexible but we assumed that was the price we had to pay for having to use latex-free condoms. How wrong we were!
He was amazed at how they went on so smoothly, rolling down evenly and with extra length if needed, more than average condoms have.
He often finds condoms too tight and we nearly considered getting a larger size but found these absolutely perfect with the extra softness and flexibility. They do not roll up during sex like some other brands. It stays put and my OH doesn't have to keep checking all the way through sex that it's still in the right place, ruining the moment.
The bulb at the end has enough space to fill up. Some condoms don't leave enough space, creating a danger zone for possible splits and leaks.

I can add from a woman's point of view that I could feel a huge difference compared to the normal condoms we have used in the past (Durex Featherlites).
I felt the natural warmth faster and was able to feel so much more sensation between us. These are the closest I have ever felt a condom to wearing nothing at all. Absolutely fantastic. Something I never thought we could find and still trust it to be strong enough. At one point I even hesitated, thinking it had slipped off.
Even after withdrawing after sex the condom stays put till you roll it off, with no slipping or leaking.

We can use these with complete trust. I would recommend these condoms whether you have latex allergies or not as they are the thinnest and most comfortable condoms we've ever tried. We will be buying them again.


    Expensive look,
no smell,
real feel,
great lubrication,
thin and strong,
fits perfect.

Can't fault them.

Final Word

    The best condoms you can buy, strong and flexible with no loss in sensation.

    Midnight's Award

    You can buy these here from  

£9.99 for 12

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