Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Just for the Boy's

Men Only

Quite often the sextoy review sites are generally aimed at the girls so I thought Id post an article just for the guys.

Here are some products just aimed at the men, be it for your self or for your lover heres where to start looking for something to spice up the bedroom, lounge, your imagination.
I will go in to more detail about these different types of toys in another article; but just for now here some toys and the sites you can buy them from just to whet your appetite.

I hope this page to be a 1 stop shop for all mens sextoys and to help you choose the right products for you.
This is such a huge subject I will be continually adding to this post.

I'll try to cover as many ideas as I can.

I will be adding more as I find new ideas and technology.

Here are 3 of the UK's main sextoy stores and their huge range of toys to browse through.
Just click on them below

Click here for Sextoys huge range of mens sextoys from masturbators to pumps and high technology toys

Click here for Lovehoney's huge range of male sex toys.
Plus a great range of videos to explain how to use them best.

Sex Toys for Men

The Basic's

Some products from various companies that make sex even more interesting, for those of you who have partners who do not enjoy giving blow jobs, heres a product to add that extra yummy tatse to things.

Get into some tasty action with Sweetend Blow

Some lubes of different kinds

Free Oral Sex Guide
Slip and slide with WET Lubes from

Stay harder products pills and creams

Lovehoney's huge range to help you choose the right one for you.

Stay Harder with Male Boosters

Best selling Delay Lube and Boosters for Men

Massagers and sleeves

Tenga Flip Hole

Tracey Cox Supersex Stroker

Tenga male masturbators and toys for sublime pleasure


One of the most popular type of toys for men!

The newest type of fleshlight on the market by Lovehoney is
Click to find out more

Spider hands freeRealistic masturbator

fleshlight girls

fleshlight girls


Experience Pure Pleasure with the new Fleshlight Pure!

Fleshlight Vibro branded

Fleshlight Stamina Huge range of Fleshlights Fleshlight generic

Do you like something a bit sci-fi beyond the imagination.

Indulge in the out of this world pleasure of the Alien Fleshlight!

Prostate Massagers

Sex toys huge range of anal toys and prostate massagers
Click below

Healthy prostate gland and fab orgasms with these prostate play toys for men

Titan Toys

Rude Boy Prostate Massager

Nexus Prostate Massagers



Here some individual toys with great technology

Read the reviews they are getting very popular.
Get the sleek and cutting edge Cobra Libre for men, from Fun Factory!

Penis Enlargement site

Penis Enlargment

cock pump

Sex furniture
 help you find that perfect position for you and your partner, be more adventurous with a little help.

Keeping couples connected - Sportsheets

Sex furniture

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