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Its ok to squirt!

"Love Squelchy"

 Have you secretly longed to be able to squirt just like those sexy porn stars; are you too embarrassed to ask your friends or family such a question?
In this article I hope to try and explain the in's and out's and give a few tips to those who have been longing to squirt!

I have only in the last 5 years been able to squirt or its only been noticeable since then, its always been a myth to some women and a huge disappointment to others when they think they cannot do this.


Sadly since the 1920's drs dismissed "the female ejaculation" as being stress incontinence. So of course this is considered a huge undesirable body function- urine expelled from the body involuntarily during coughing sneezing or orgasm; so of course women felt shame and embarrassment and their partners probably felt repulsed.

Drs used to treat this with suggesting kegal balls or even surgery.
The other myth was that excess secretions gather in the vagina and as you orgasm these are squirted out by the orgasm contractions; these are myths too and scientifically proven wrong.
Just because a female squirt comes from our urethra , the same place as when you pee its isn't the same fluid.
Thank goodness for medical research.

Some find the thought of female ejaculation repulsive or dirty as its mainly associated with porn stars and gay lesbian couples; its still quite taboo these days which is a shame, but gradually women are being educated that its ok to squirt. 

I hope some details and my own experiences may help those who have never had the pleasure.

Biologically every woman can squirt, but its the knowing yourself that will enable you to squirt.
I must admit I wish there was a nice feminine name for squirting as I hate this word.
A squirt can also be before, during or after orgasm.
Anyway, most women when they think of squirting imagine a huge ejaculation like a man, well yes in some cases a woman can ejaculate with a huge gush of fluid, but other women just have a trickle or it simply seeps out with normal sexual lubrication fluids unnoticed.

My experiences

I never realised I had squirted I simply noticed I was wetter than usual and then one time my OH saw and felt it happen, it was a proud moment; something I always only thought porn stars could do.

Do your sheets seem extra wet after sex, are your knickers sometimes wetter than usual; well you may have squirted woohoo well done you!

I mainly trickle but I have in the past shot a gush now and again, but I cant plan when I do this, it just happens.

So many times girls have the urge to pee and stop focussing on enjoying the moment and their mind immediately reverts clenching and trying to hold on to their pee, or worse stop sex and rush off to the toilet.
I did this many times the urge to pee for me was huge and even though I had read many times to just lay back and enjoy.
But thank goodness my OH wasn't ever worried "if you pee you pee so what; don't worry", so even though I knew he was ok I still couldn't bare the embarrassing thought of peeing myself .
I realise now it really isn't!!!

"Girls its impossible to pee during orgasm unless you have a weak pubococcygeus muscle."

How to squirt

The method in being able to squirt is fairly simple, its all in your G-spot girls and now we all know everyone can do this its learning how to.

Start by learning more about your body; vibrators nowdays are made specifically angled for the g-spot, there are so many on the market
 eg Lovehoney's 

made famous by Sex in the city's Charlotte.One of the most popular G-spot vibes in the world.

Another is a smaller less scary for those new to the world of sextoys

Slimline G-spot vibrator

Most companies now have a wide range of G-spot vibes and dildo's so there is something for everyone, from a small g-spot bullet to the larger worldwide jessica rabbit above.


G-spot vibes have a slightly bent tip to snuggle closely into your g-spot and they are often thinner to you can wriggle them round till you find it.

Finding the The elusive G-spot or  
"Grafenberg spot"

I will be covering the G-spot in more detail later on, just for now its vital to know where the G-spot is to be able to squirt.

Your not going to get near a trickle girls unless you know where your G-spot is; are you sitting comfortably...ok Ill begin.

The male and female roadmap to sexual happiness.

I have adapted the diagram to show you more clearly where the g-spot is and where you will feel yourself squirting from.

Just relax and lay back, legs slightly apart and using yours or your partners finger, use " A come hither" motion,
You should feel the smooth vaginal wall then about an inch and half in (this varies from woman to woman) .you will feel a slightly raised textured part inside, similar to the roof of your mouth, completely different in comparison to the smooth wall of the vagina, this is the G-spot.

The Science bit
The textured raised part is known as the urethral sponge, this swells once stimulated, or in technical terms its the Parethral gland or Skenes Glands which surrounds the urethra and swell with fluid when aroused and then empties directly into the urethra through small ducts.

These glands produce an enzyme called prostatic acid phosphatase and glucose, The glands can produce a few drops to approximately 2 cups of fluid. and is excreted via the urethra not the vagina like some people think.
The fluid which isn't urine (as it doesn't come from the bladder), is clear sometimes oily in nature with no smell, it maybe salty to taste. This again varies in from woman to woman.

First time practising massaging my G-spot

I have to admit when my partner first started to rub my g-spot I used to feel uncomfortable, I was absolutely convinced I was going to pee.
I often ruined the moments by rushing off to the toilet but since being much more knowledgeable Im able to completely relax and know Im' not going to pee myself the extreme intense pleasures are well worth working through this and practicing.

Some tips on how to squirt

The Braun method

This has worked for me many times now.
  • Lie back with your legs open, your partner at your right hand side.
  • Start with foreplay kissing, rubbing the clitoris, nipple and oral play etc.
  • Then they inserts 2 fingers into your vagina usually the middle and forefinger, but that's my preference.
  • Then your partner slowly moves their fingers around inside you, while still continuing foreplay.
  • They then find the centre of the G-spot (slightly raised spongy bump just behind the clitoris) and presses gently; this should release a warm flow of fluid.
  • As soon as this happens they then finger you quickly in and out of the vagina, this causes a fast squirt of fluid.
"The Squirt" Woohoo you have done it, you have your first squirt girls.

I found the best way for the first few times is to use a g-spot vibrator, the added vibrations and pulses will help you relax and often bring you to orgasm faster than with finger stimulation; either way most women will learn to love it.

You know EXACTLY when your partner has found your g-spot as some of you may feel a slight urge to pee;  just hold on girls just relax, if you are that worried lay on a pvc sheet or towel, don't worry just enjoy you could even do this in the bath.

Remember its impossible to pee during an orgasm unless you have a weak  pubococcygeus muscle.
Whatever you do don't stop not only do you ruin the moment you will lose the ability to squirt, so many women will clench the PC muscles at this point...DONT..JUST RELAX and try to ignore that feeling, play with your partner or let him play with you to take your mind of it.

Just lay back and enjoy and the urge will pass and instead you should feel intense pleasure waves leading to orgasm.

Once you feel like you are about to orgasm gently push you PC muscles out; dont hold them in and you should ejaculate; don't forget to use a towel in the beginning in case.

It all sounds very easy and it is, female ejaculation has alot to do with our mindset and the fear of letting go and the fear of incontinence.

I wish I had let myself go all these years ago and not been so tight lipped and tense about it; as wow its the most intense orgasm a woman can get.

But please remember once you learn to enjoy these intense orgasms and start to squirt you still wont squirt every time, this is perfectly normal girls don't worry, nothing is wrong.
 I regularly multiple orgasm but I don't squirt each time, most often its once during a session , sometimes twice during a 3-4 hour session, so don't get upset if its doesn't happen each time you orgasm it wont.

So girls fellow women, DO NOT HOLD BACK, throw your head back and enjoy, lean into the feeling.
Once I realised I was squirting I almost had a proud pleasure over whelm me, knowing it was more known on porn films, I felt an almost naughty innocence; a huge carnal pleasure.
Because our husbands, boyfriends have been ejaculating since the beginning of time; now we girls...women can join them; we have learnt that power...move over men let us join with you in this wonderful ecstasy.

I really should have got my partner to write this as his the expert that has helped me achieve these incredible orgasm thanks huny I love you.

I would love to hear other people experiences on wether they can or cannot squirt, did you have problems learning to do it, did ot just happen?
If anyone has any questions dont hesitate to ask in comments below or privately through my email.


  1. Great post sweetie, very informative and easy to follow.

  2. Thanks for the post hun, it's very informative and was a good read. I've never really had much luck with g-spot stimulation... I'm definitely going to have more of a go, and test out some of your tips and tricks.



  3. Thanks for your clear clarification!
    I will try like you say with my girlfriend. She's curious but have the fear of pee..


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