Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Certified Real Sex toy reviewer

I found out this week I have been Certified as a  
"Real sex toys Reviewer"

Thank you so much guys.
So what qualification is that, you maybe be thinking, well no qualifications, its saying that I am a real person testing and writing my own reviews.
Im not a computer bot or someone writing them who has never seen the toy and just reading from product literature.
Im definitely real and writing from my own experiences, from opening the box to texture, smell, touch and wether of course it did the job it was meant to.

The Real Sex toy reviewers site say;
"Our goal here is to bring you real reviews by real reviewers.
No need to worry about fake reviews, full of hype, written by someone who has most likely never even seen the product in real life.
No need to worry you are just being sold on something.
Every sex toy review on this site is the real deal and has been checked out by us to make sure of it.

The site has many other writers an reviewers testing sextoys, so please check the site to find some more amazing reviews that you can trust.

Anyone with this certified button or participating button on their sites can be completely trusted by reader and company, that they have seen, held and used this product, intelligently worked outs its good and bad points and have made a fair judgement of the product regardless if the company has given the item free for them to test.
No monies have changed hands to make us write a good review.
We will often recieve the product for a fair, honest review to help others make opinions as to wether it will suit them or not.

Thanks again to The Real sextoy reviews for bringing together such a great group of writers and reviewers and Im honoured to be a part of you guys.

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