Thursday, 29 September 2011

Skyn Mates latex free condom's

Skin to Skin Pleasure

We decided to try a good brand of thin condoms that were also latex-free as sometimes I'm allergic. I was impressed with all the reviews and the name Skyn said it all.

The classy/sophisticated black and gold cardboard box contains 12 latex free condoms made of premium polyisoprene, a product produced to look and feel like latex. Each condom is individually packaged either in gold foil with elegant black writing or vice versa, giving a classy feel to the packaging. 

We found that some of the foiled condoms said Mates and some said Lifestyle. This was slightly worrying at first especially when it said "made in Thailand"; but after some research we found that the company Ansell owns both Mates and Lifestyle, one being British and one US.
We did check the dates and they differed slightly, so it's worth just checking before use they are all in date, just in case.

Individually they look expensive and each condom can be ripped off to be carried discreetly in a wallet purse or bag without the gaudy cheap appearance of other condoms.
The packet opens very easily, tearing along the edge and ONLY the edge with no worry of ripping the condom inside. Some packets are hard to open and you can easily tear the condom just getting it out the packet, ruining the moment.
With these in my case my OH can discreetly sneak one on. I used to be able to hear the foil tearing but he is now able to open these quietly and secretly and then surprise me!
I was also quite relieved there was no off-putting strong rubbery smell or taste. Though they do have a spermicidal lubrication which is a little oily and which did leave small grease marks on the sheets, but this simply washes out.
We found we didn't need extra lubrication with these condoms unless we continued for a longer session, perfect for quickies. It does state that even though they are NOT latex to still use a water-based lube, also confirmed in another review.

They have a much softer feel compared to the average condom and as the box says, "it's skin to skin sensation" and this really is.

My OH definitely noticed so much more sensation between these and our normal make, and despite feeling thinner they still feel strong and supple and don't feel like they will tear with a lot of movement. Many latex-free condoms can be thicker and inflexible but we assumed that was the price we had to pay for having to use latex-free condoms. How wrong we were!
He was amazed at how they went on so smoothly, rolling down evenly and with extra length if needed, more than average condoms have.
He often finds condoms too tight and we nearly considered getting a larger size but found these absolutely perfect with the extra softness and flexibility. They do not roll up during sex like some other brands. It stays put and my OH doesn't have to keep checking all the way through sex that it's still in the right place, ruining the moment.
The bulb at the end has enough space to fill up. Some condoms don't leave enough space, creating a danger zone for possible splits and leaks.

I can add from a woman's point of view that I could feel a huge difference compared to the normal condoms we have used in the past (Durex Featherlites).
I felt the natural warmth faster and was able to feel so much more sensation between us. These are the closest I have ever felt a condom to wearing nothing at all. Absolutely fantastic. Something I never thought we could find and still trust it to be strong enough. At one point I even hesitated, thinking it had slipped off.
Even after withdrawing after sex the condom stays put till you roll it off, with no slipping or leaking.

We can use these with complete trust. I would recommend these condoms whether you have latex allergies or not as they are the thinnest and most comfortable condoms we've ever tried. We will be buying them again.


    Expensive look,
no smell,
real feel,
great lubrication,
thin and strong,
fits perfect.

Can't fault them.

Final Word

    The best condoms you can buy, strong and flexible with no loss in sensation.

    Midnight's Award

    You can buy these here from  

£9.99 for 12

Friday, 23 September 2011

Pleasurists Edition 148

Undressing by Galapril

Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. If you like what you see and want more of it be sure to follow our RSS Feed and Twitter.
Did you miss Pleasurists 147? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists 1498? Be sure to read the submission guidelines and then use the submission form to submit before Sunday September 18th @ 11:59pm Pacific.
Want a shiny new toy? All you’ve got to do is enter.
Editor’s Pick
  • LELO Mia by Navigator
  • I lusted after Mia back in the pink/dark pink days when it was buzzy, weak, and emitted a rather high-pitched whine. It was because of the large number of disappointed reviews that I held off. Recently, though, Lelo did something I always applaud companies for and listened to their customers…
    Editor’s Note: Okay, I know you’ve probably read a Mia review before, I’ve probably had one as an EP before too, but the reason I choose reviews has little to do with the toy, it has to do with the review, and this one is actually enjoyable to read, which is my main criteria.

Scarlet Lotus
The reviews:
Lube, Massage Oil, Bath Stuff, & etc.
Adult Books & Games
Adult DVDs & Porn
Sex Furniture
Lingerie & Shoes

Pleasurists adult product review round-up

This Dirty little secret is hosted by

This weeks question was inspired by the Guild Hunter series and the latest release of Archangel's Blade:

"If you could have wings, what would they look like?" 

Great question I think everyone would love wings to soar with the birds.
If I could choose my wings, they would definitely be Black Angel wings fringed with Purple and teal peacock feathers.

Erotic Story Competition

Sexy books at sexy prices

Sheet clenchingly good reads from Xcite Books!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

 True Pleasures

Naughty, Non-Sex Toy Items!
These are items that I have used for fun that wasnt a sex toy.

  1. A hairbrush ..
  2. My ladyshave- this was brilliant alot of vibrations here.
  3. Rolled corner of the duvet.
  4. Wine Bottle,
  5. A beer bottle, I know so dangerous but hey young and stupid,
  6. A remote control, similar to the sky for the sleek curves.
  7. A book, not even erotica....., just a nice hard spine.
  8. A gear stick, it was steel and round..and cold....
  9. An ice-lolly , but cant remember which one.
  10. The best for me was a shower-head on massage!!!
I will add more as I remember them, let me know what you have used...anything really unusual, I love to hear from you, i promise I wont tell anyone...?

Take a look at the others who have entered the Naughty list are;

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Shots USB vibrating bullet

Sex Toys, click here

I was very excited to find out Sextoys had offered to send me this USB operated bullet to try as it was on my wishlist.
I am an absolute "Gadget Gal" and spend most my time on computer so was looking forward to trying this.
My first USB sextoy; a sign of the future.


The shot USB vibrating bullet came in a neat oval blister pack, with simple delicate designs
aimed at the female market.


Once out the packet I was quite surprised that the little black bullet had a nice weight to it, unlike some cheaper bullets which are very light that I have had in the past.
It feels excellent quality and has a lovely soft black PU coating which gives a velvety texture; which gives a little drag to it which I love.

58mm long,
16mm wide,
  55mm circumference,

It comes with plenty of USB cable of 98cm long (inclusive of USB male plug);so if your USB slots are at the back of your PC you will still have plenty of movement to play with this toy. 

Lots of cable

For those who are new to computers here are the connections, very easy to connect.
The USB connector (Bottom connector)

 Connected to a external USB cable

Connected to my laptop USB port

The cable is attached firmly to the bullet and doesn't feel like it will loosen or come apart if it is tugged in the heat of the moment.
The join between bullet and wire is sealed with a small clear plastic bung, making this hygienic for insertion and easier for cleaning purposes as this is not waterproof.

Have you ever wanted to play and grabbed a toy, turned it on and the batteries were completely dead; and you end up rummaging around in every drawer and cupboard desperately searching for those elusive batteries; so frustrating as the moment has then gone.

Well most of us now have a computer and as long as you have a spare USB port your ready to go, it will never run flat unless you have a power-cut.

The title says it all, "Intense" this really is; from the split second its plugged into the USB port, its off at full speed this has to be the fastest bullet I have ever owned and with very intense vibrations.
It only has 1 speed (Flat out) , there are no other controls not even an on or off button.
Its plugged in and its there, no wondering if the batteries will run down it will stay at full speed till you unplug it.; fantastic!!

The bullet on my laptop keyboard "ever ready" for action. 
Sorry bad joke.

As for me; yes it hit the spot perfectly, being so fast it worked best for me on my clit, I tried it internally but I feel it may have been too fast or too higher hertz as I just couldn't get there from my g-spot; but it worked brilliantly on my clit and very quickly too. (I usually need rumbly type of vibes for my gspot, this may work for others though).

 If you are after a discreet quieter sort of bullet this really isn't for you, the vibrations are quite high pitched and loud, out of 1-10 for sextoy noise factor I would say it is an 9.

Its powerful bullet can be used all over your body, over knickers or directly onto your clit, or inserted; or however you choose to use it; as long as its at full speed. Its also perfect for popping into your knickers while watching your favourite computer porn or skyping with the person you love.

This cleans beautifully; I would say this is splash-proof but not waterproof, I just used wipes.
The bullet is manufactured in 2 halves and then heat sealed or hot glued together, this has left a very slightly ridged seam, so when cleaning you need to pay particular attention to this.
There is also a small clear plastic bung at the exit of where the wire leaves the bullet enabling it to be used internally; again you need to clean well around this too but not to be submerge it in water.
The only thing is being black and the velvety feel it does attract the dust and fluff a bit.
I have found a little pouch to keep this little beauty in.

A perfect innovative gift for that avid sextoy collector, or someone who is always on their computer or laptop.
The small bullet is discreet in size but not in sound, this is great as a treat in-between work, for rest and for play while on your PC; this would really liven up your workday if you work from home or have some privacy at work; and I mean privacy!

Every PC and laptop comes with USB slots nowadays so it can be used by anybody, its small black and futuristic looking and will appeal to most of us who love our gadgets.

I wouldn't say its interactive as in the description as you cant interact with it to alter anything at all; as you don't have an on/off switch or speed control slider.

But then this is perfect when you just want a quickie or in the moment for you or your partner to enjoy.
No more rummaging for flat batteries, its always there at full power just when the mood takes you.

You can use this wherever you have a USB port so you can still take your laptop outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Yes I did and it was great in open air.
Spot the vibe

 It keeps going as long as you do and your PC is turned on.

Did it work for me absolutely and I love the fact its USB and modern and to do with my computer; I love this great quality vibe and I can now keep this to hand at all times for whenever the mood takes me.

Is it wrong to say Im using this now and its greeeeeat!

It would be such a lovely bonus to have a slider attachment like you have on a paor of headphones, inbetween the bullet and USB plug, so you can click it on and slide it to increase speed, then back again to turn it off, a little control would be great and of course an on/off for embarrasing situations would make it perfect.

No batteries,
Constant intense buzz till you turn off the PC
Very powerful,
Long USB cable,
Soft touch,
Modern futuristic looking,

High pitch whine,
Not discreet,
No on/off switch,
No speed control,

Midnight's Awards

Huge thank you to for sending me this toy to test and review.

You can buy it from them.

More futuristic toys below

Clever and technologically advanced vibes for your pleasure from Oh Mi Bod

Just for the Boy's

Men Only

Quite often the sextoy review sites are generally aimed at the girls so I thought Id post an article just for the guys.

Here are some products just aimed at the men, be it for your self or for your lover heres where to start looking for something to spice up the bedroom, lounge, your imagination.
I will go in to more detail about these different types of toys in another article; but just for now here some toys and the sites you can buy them from just to whet your appetite.

I hope this page to be a 1 stop shop for all mens sextoys and to help you choose the right products for you.
This is such a huge subject I will be continually adding to this post.

I'll try to cover as many ideas as I can.

I will be adding more as I find new ideas and technology.

Here are 3 of the UK's main sextoy stores and their huge range of toys to browse through.
Just click on them below

Click here for Sextoys huge range of mens sextoys from masturbators to pumps and high technology toys

Click here for Lovehoney's huge range of male sex toys.
Plus a great range of videos to explain how to use them best.

Sex Toys for Men

The Basic's

Some products from various companies that make sex even more interesting, for those of you who have partners who do not enjoy giving blow jobs, heres a product to add that extra yummy tatse to things.

Get into some tasty action with Sweetend Blow

Some lubes of different kinds

Free Oral Sex Guide
Slip and slide with WET Lubes from

Stay harder products pills and creams

Lovehoney's huge range to help you choose the right one for you.

Stay Harder with Male Boosters

Best selling Delay Lube and Boosters for Men

Massagers and sleeves

Tenga Flip Hole

Tracey Cox Supersex Stroker

Tenga male masturbators and toys for sublime pleasure


One of the most popular type of toys for men!

The newest type of fleshlight on the market by Lovehoney is
Click to find out more

Spider hands freeRealistic masturbator

fleshlight girls

fleshlight girls


Experience Pure Pleasure with the new Fleshlight Pure!

Fleshlight Vibro branded

Fleshlight Stamina Huge range of Fleshlights Fleshlight generic

Do you like something a bit sci-fi beyond the imagination.

Indulge in the out of this world pleasure of the Alien Fleshlight!

Prostate Massagers

Sex toys huge range of anal toys and prostate massagers
Click below

Healthy prostate gland and fab orgasms with these prostate play toys for men

Titan Toys

Rude Boy Prostate Massager

Nexus Prostate Massagers



Here some individual toys with great technology

Read the reviews they are getting very popular.
Get the sleek and cutting edge Cobra Libre for men, from Fun Factory!

Penis Enlargement site

Penis Enlargment

cock pump

Sex furniture
 help you find that perfect position for you and your partner, be more adventurous with a little help.

Keeping couples connected - Sportsheets

Sex furniture
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