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Trojan Mini Vibrating Butt Plug with Suction Cup

This little vibrating butt plug is un-threatening and petite in your hand and doesn't fill you with fear or have you quaking at the knees.

Its overall length is 3.5 inches long and is substantial in weight and made of skin safe rubber.
I was surprised to how well it was made compared to what I paid for it, the transparent, dark grey vibe and the slightly angled and ergonomic black wired remote had the feel of a very expensive toy.

I bought this because even though I'm not a beginner to anal play, It still sometimes felt a bit uncomfortable at the beginning; this gives me 3 slightly increasing sized girths in one toy; depending on my mood. I also wanted to try a toy with a sucker for that extra fun.

The Vibrations
The excellent quality black remote is wired and easy to use, it is ergonomic and fits in the hand perfectly. The base of the remote takes 2 AAA batteries.

You then simply press the + and - buttons to scroll up and down the speeds you require; 4 red lights on the remote show you what speed you are on.
The vibrations come from the base so to be honest I hardly felt number 1 or 2 internally but 3 was great and 4 felt was incredible. The constant vibrations are very fine and well defined, number 3 and 4 are faster than some of my vaginal vibrators; we also found it reasonably quiet and the motor feels exceptional quality for the price. 

Once lubed up you can ease the first tapered section in of 1.1 inch length, if comfortable you can move down another inch, here you have a thicker ridge section which will stay in place if you want to stop here....just, if you wish to go the whole toy, it has a last 1.3 inches to the flared base. 
The last thicker section has a 4.2 inch circumference which I found extremely comfortable. (It isn't as wide as you think honestly girls).

A few concerns
I do though have a few concerns with the base;
At full insertion it doesn't have a long or deep enough recess so your anus can hold it in place comfortably without it popping out, you need to hold it in place.

The flared base is only 2 by 1 1/2 inches wide and to be honest doesn't give you much to grip on, I feel the base needs to have a wider bottom (no bum intended) to be able to control the toy easier.

The flared base is fairly thin and bendy so it could slip up inside you if you push too hard in the heat of the moment, but it has the wire remote attachment to pull it out should that happen.

The description says Its base can be suckered to some surfaces, which is partly why I bought this toy; but I was slightly disappointed as even with a bit of moistening I still couldn't find any surface this would even slightly stick too.

The toy cleans easily with wipes or warm soapy water, it is also submersible so particular attention must be taken to the hole the wire exits from at the bottom part of the toy, (which can be inserted), so if you are not thorough with cleaning there could be a slight hygiene risk.

Some improvements that could be made.
A few things that could improve this; I personally would rather have the wire exiting from the edge of flared base (not on the insertable girth part of the toy) for ease of cleaning and hygiene; or as it didn't sucker well, just come from the base.
Make the last inch with an indent recess to your anus can hold it in easier,
Another is making the base slightly wider and firmer so it definitely would sucker to surfaces well; and maybe add some pulses to the vibrations, otherwise a really great starter toy.

It is a great non-threatening anal toy for beginners and intermediates because of the added vibrations which help you relax and for your partner to feel inside, the 3 sizes get you comfortably used to playing anally.
The best bit was that my bf loved it as he could feel it strongly when he penetrated me vaginally while I was wearing it anally, he said he could even come that way if we laid still it was so powerful; so great for your man too girls.

Its a great little toy for both of us to share and we love it.

Advanced users I feel would want something slightly wider and longer....eeek.
But its still great simplistic toy for those who regularly play anally like myself; the great quality vibrations definitely improved anal play for the both of us.


Well made,
value for money,
Vibrations are well defined and last 2 powerful,
Great beginners and intermediate anal toy,

Doesnt sucker at all,
The wired remote wire exits from insertable part of the plug,
At full insertion it doesn't have a long or deep enough recess so your anus can hold it in place comfortably without it popping out, you need to hold it in place.

The Science bit

Material- Skin Safe Rubber (TPE and ABS)
Length: 3.5 inches,
Insertable: 3.25 inches,
Circumference: 4 inches,
Diameter: 1.3 inches,
Base diameter: 2 inches,
Base type: Sucker...hmm well,
Waterproof- Submersible so you are able to clean it properly
Does not contain - latex or phthalates

Midnight's Star award

Can be bought from 



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