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Sliquid Organics Natural H2O Lubricant 125ml

I bought this one for us to use as Im an eczema sufferer and allergic to almost every cream and lotion available and I can only use prescription creams for my face and body; so I was obviously concerned about choosing a good lube; I was really worried about using it down there...eeep!

The amount of times I have often hesitated before lathering lots of lube on myself; then minutes later feeling the familiar burning and itching involving rushing off to shower as fast as I can. Even with trying a small part on my wrist often didnt result till I used it down there.

I was impressed that you could get an organic lube; this version has a huge variety of natural products like Hibiscus, flax and green tea and vitamin E. These completely natural plant celluloses make the lube nice and slippy naturally .
 It is also glycerin and parabens free!

The Science bit
Its really good to know why for future buys, I'll be brief I promise; 

Glycerin can alter the PH balance in your vagina and could cause yeast infections. 
Parabens are preservatives sometimes used in lubes; the latest studies have also shown that it may cause breast cancer; (so Sliquid have removed them from all their products.)
Well done Sliquid for not taking any chances with us customers.

The Bottle

As I opened the box I was very impressed at how feminine the little dark brown bottle looked (very similar to medicinal bottles to protect from sunlight), and with the white label and the delicate cool blue lotus flower logo, its very feminine with intricate writing; no one would know at moments glance what this was, it  looks like an elegant body lotion bottle.
The squeezy bottle and flick down applicator lid is easy to grab in a hurry and it never leaks or dribbles!

Consistancy and Texture
The clear, tasteless lube isn't too gloopy or runny and doesnt smell, I found we didn't need to usemuch in 1 go, a little goes a very long way and it gave plenty of slip and slide for hours of play.

Even though it doesn't state anal play we found it more than slippy enough for that too.
But if you actually know you need a thicker lube I have also used Sliquid Sassy Glycerin-Free Anal Lubricant as its slightly thicker and specifically for anal-play;  but we both personally found this adequately for both.
We even used too much one time and found it was almost impossible to feel anything, you just need a small amount guys and girls.

 It also stays put and doesn't run off like some of the thinner lubes or go tacky or dry out, although if it did, being water based you simply add a little water and your off again.
The other plus is if you get it on your sheets it doesn't leave any stains, being water-based it simply washes out.

Use on Toys
We also play with many different toys of different textures and materials, this lube is latex, rubber and plastic friendly, as some lubes can degrade the product, even condoms something very important to be aware of.

(Obviously you cant use this for water-play so you will have to choose a silicon based lube).

I haven't found any problems at all with this gorgeous lube, it glides beautifully on the skin.
I cant speak for everyone but I wasn't allergic to this at all even after longer play sessions; it was absolutely perfect.
We both love it and I wouldn't be without it now and its always at grab-able distance in my bedside drawer.

Glides beautifully,
Goes a long way,
Can be used anally,
Luxury discreet bottle,

None for us,

Midnight's award

You can buy this here from the UK

And the states

I will be adding an article soon about how to choose the right lube for you, please come back and check when you have time.

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  1. Nice job.

  2. Glad you found a lube that works for you, it sounds like a good one.

  3. Great job on this review!

  4. Great review! I'm always concerned about lube reactions on my skin as well. I'm glad this product had worked so well for you! I may just have to wish list it for myself Thanks for the review!

  5. I absolutely love Sliquid lubes. They are basically the only ones I regularly now.

    Great job on the review

  6. Thanks everyone that's really appreciated; its nice to know the review has helped.

  7. Thanks for the review

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  9. Thanks for the awesome review! I love the organic lubes and I've been looking for something like this that's free of a bunch of irritating chemicals.


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