Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Nipple Pump Kit

The Nipple-pump kit
comes with 2 different size pumps and 4 sets
of different size nipple rings.

  I chose this Nipple pump kit as I love all forms of nipple play with my boyfriend. I have tried nipple clamps but never tried these pumps before, I already have sensitive nipples but wondered how much more sensitive it was possible to get them, a perfect challenge?

I was looking forward to trying this and it was the only pump kit that came with rings that could be worn out, adding to the excitement, as we both wanted to try something different together.

It comes with 2 small pumps of 2 sizes and 4 pairs of different size stretchy rubber rings.
The black rubber bulbs are a perfect size in your hand and the clear transparent tubes allow you to watch your nipples grow, the pumps and the little rings feel well made and good quality.

Instructions from the packet
Choose your size ring and slide it onto the clear tube of the chosen pump; place the end over your nipple and then squeeze the bulb slowly and gently.

After a few tries we found this way worked better for us;
 Using a little lube for a perfect vacuum my bf did 1 pump then took it off, then putting it back on and pump again made the nipple go much further up the tube.
 Amazingly only after 2 pumps my nipple was over halfway up the transparent tube and felt incredible.
Then you simply roll down the ring and it sits comfortably around the base of your nipple, if it is halfway up,or sits on the tip of your nipple use a larger ring, but i do not suggest going too tight on your 1st time.

I chose the 0.3 inch ring (second largest) for my first try and it was a perfect fit, it made my nipples even more sensitive and perky, the ring was not uncomfortable and I then went out shopping wearing them for over 4 hours, my new hard nipples rubbed gently against my bra making me feel even more sexy. They felt incredible!!

(Please note they SHOULD feel tight, but NOT hurt or be uncomfortable, if they are uncomfortable remember they have to come off so use lube to remove them).

 I have also tried the next size down 0.25 but I found these a too tight for me and a little painful and I had to remove them after 5 minutes, but others may find this enjoyable, but maybe with more practice I will try these again!

The best thing so far is that after 2 days of not wearing my nipple rings my nipples are still erect and super sensitive,wow I'm hooked!

A lovely simple kit for those who love nipple play, they make your nipples feel super sensitive and perky and are fun for both of us. I love my boyfriend doing this for me and he loves to watch my nipples sucked up the clear tube, great fun toy to use together.
The only con like others have said is the packaging it would be nice to come with a simple ziplock bag, as the rings are small and easily lost.
 An ideal kit for anyone who loves nipple play at any level, a must have for any toybox, I will be wearing my nipple rings regularly from now on!

The Science Bit
Contains : rubber and latex


Easy to do.
Feels incredible.
Sensitivity lasts for a few days.

Not a real con but it would be nice to have a little bag to keep the tiny rings in.

Midnight's Star Award

You can buy this here from

Lovehoney Sexy Lingerie

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