Saturday, 6 August 2011

Multiple Orgasms

How do you have multiple orgasms, a question so often asked, so Ill try to help if I can?
Well I must be one of the lucky ones, I do have regular multiple orgasms, most the time its between 8-10 but I do regularly go 15-20...sorry, I actually feel guilty.

A close understanding and loving relationship  is a must, they must be responsive to your needs knowing just when to take you to the next level. My Bf knows when I'm close to start rubbing my nipples or depending what position were in stroke my neck or pull my hair (well I do like it a bit rough).
So its adding to the feeling when you are close to just take you over the edge.
If I can make a few points, you have to be completely open to your OH to what you like and don't like  and he/she has to be on the exact same wavelength, if you don't say what you like and most importantly what you don't; it wont work, if you let your OH do something because they like it and you don't; it will put you off gear and hard to get it back sometimes.

One of the main things is to completely clear your mind;concentrate on you, not worrying about the kids, work or the shopping for next day, its a huge mindset thing and you need to think you...YOU and only YOU!
Ok that said be completely relaxed (obviously) and your other half must understand about the "Come hither " motion of your g-spot, this worked well will definitely help you get multiples.
Its not all about penetrative sex either, its about being playful using the toys experimenting together. Most girls cannot get multiples by themselves, I cant as you know what's coming next, I feel when you are completely relaxed with your partner you know they are not going to suddenly do something that's going to hurt or be uncomfortable, they can surprise you with anything.
eg; rubbing nipples, stroking hair, running nails over your skin, all things to help take you over the edge.
Toys, vibrators definitely are a plus to my multiples, but it involves completely letting go, your mind is a huge part in this; you can't have any hangups about your body (at that moment in time, at least) or what your hair looks like, or worrying about that spot on your bum what will your OH think if he sees it; as this blocks your mind.if you are worrying about work,the kids, I know its hard but you have to just think of you for once and enjoy.
By gently moving to different areas of your body after an orgasm will prevent over sensitivity too, so many people think they have to work on your clit for hours to gain a multiple...ouch.
You can have orgasms in different areas of your body, so you can have a few g-spot orgasms (very intense) and of course clit ones; even your boobs and anal sex, the orgasms in different areas will feel different to each other. This also helps to prevent over sensitivity.
Multiple orgasms can be achieved in different time spans too, e.g. one every few minutes or several in 1 session; but If you are lucky you will have a body orgasms, where you may even pass out, feel dizzy, an incredible feeling to have.
I have found too as I've got older I can achieve more orgasms, I'm early 40's ( ouch; there I said it!)

Letting go is my main piece of advice I can offer. Just lay back and let your OH explore, kiss, lick and rub, let them play with your body and lay back and completely enjoy it. Live in the moment.
Then your orgasm should just roll off one after another, the other priority is to keep going gently even though you maybe slightly sensitive after, go gently and you will break through and back to another orgasm.
An Important point to make here is that some days you simply wont achieve a multiple, I don't know if its the moon or just life; some days its not gonna happen, so don't worry about it, just enjoy the moment.

I so hope this helps a bit girls.X

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