Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Fetish fantasy series HOT candle kit

Fetish fantasy candle kit

I have always wanted to try candle wax as I absolutely love hot sensory play, I saw these advertised at a great price; but no one had reviewed them so I had no idea what size or really how hot they were, so I took the dive and bought them.

The 4 white, unscented candles are 5 inches long and 3/4 inch wide. Inside thebox you also get a small silky satiny blindfold technically for free, its not the best quality but it covers the eyes well apart from still being bale to see under them a little. A nice touch to add to these candles the whole sensory kit in 1.

Its something Ive wanted to try for years, but never really got around to it. I was so excited as I do enjoy a little painplay. My partner and I immediately lit one up as we couldnt wait to try it.

As a bonus It came with a free black mask not white as it shows on the box on the advert which I was pleasantly surprised, its a very thin mask but it does the trick and comfortable to wear.

From about 3 foot high my BF lit it up, it melted quickly and dripped 1 drip on me!

Oh wow ouch..eeek...I was on the ceiling, no guys Im not a wimp but this was HOT HOT HOT!!!

We didnt give up and we continued altering the height...nope still too painful for me, I even laid on the floor and he stood above me holding the candle higher (over metre) but it was still too hot, I had red marks on my skin for over 24 hours.
I'm not a wimp as I take regular spanking sessions and used to pain and have had red marks on my body that have lasted for days; but this was intense heat.

Bondage candles I feel should have a melting point at a lower temperature to be safe, its also easier to control the flow.
I would not recomend these to beginners in pain play and even with advanced users I would suggest trying them on your own skin first before inflicting someone else to this extreme heat and maybe burns; so you realise the temperature yourself.

If you are an advanced candle user and want that extra sizzle; then maybe these would ok for you, but please be extremely careful.
I wont give up I am now looking for another brand or something that does say low melting point.

Feminine packaging,
Free mask,

Way too hot for me

Midnight's Star Award

You can buy these from  

More sensory play items have you tried cold as well brrr..... 

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