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Rocks Off Ammunition RO-100mm Soft Tip Bullet Vibrator

RO Ammo 100mm Bullet and clear case

I was after something small to fit in my handbag for some outdoor fun and I saw these small colourful vibes.

I love is that it comes in a plastic screw bottom case which hugs the toy perfectly and is completely see-through; ideal to keep it clean and protected from any scratches plus you cant accidentally switch it on bumping around in your handbag. This was one of the reasons I bought this as the plan was to keep it in my handbag....just incase!

Its 4 inches long, 3/4 inch at base and the skinsafe rubber (silicone) tip is 1 1/4 inch long tapering to a soft bendy point , perfect as a clitoral stimulator, but it can be used on the nipples or any other external erogenous zones

Its also latex and phthalate free for those of you who are allergic.

The body of the RO-100 is chrome plated plastic not metal as the description states, but it still feels cool and substantial in your hand unlike some bullet vibrators which can feel cheaply made; but this could have been improved by using real metal to give it a heavier colder feel which I love...

The side of the bullet has the RO-100mm soft top logo embossed into the chrome on the side; a nice classy touch, It really does look like a bullet with the silver shell apart from the red soft silicone tip.
  It comes in various colours, I chose a red as it looks similar to a lipstick if someone briefly saw it in my bag.

The bottom of the bullet screws off to reveal a single LR1 battery which was included and a small watertight gasket. This must be screwed on tightly if your planning to submerge it or use in bath or shower. It claims to be waterproof, but I haven't tested this theory , I've always used wipes to clean my toys or simply run under a tap with warm soapy water. 

This cleans beautifully but a problem I foresee is the ridge between chrome look case and rubber tip has to be cleaned thoroughly or this could be a hygiene risk if not cleaned properly. 

The silicon tip grips your skin well so some may prefer using lube for more slide, but do not use a silicon lube on the RO-100 as a silicone lube on a silicone toy will degrade or melts it and possibly damage the waterproof seal.; use a water based lube if possible.

It has 3 speeds, changed by clicking the little rubber matching button on the base to scroll through the speeds that suit you; this is so much easier than a screw base to change speeds,for those of you like me who have had batteries accidentally falling out fumbling for the next

The Vibrations
  •  1 click is a low- medium strength, 
  • 2 is a stronger steadier buzz and the 
  • 3rd a strong pulse, best felt in the middle of the bullet. 
To turn off you simply hold the button for 3 seconds and it turns off.
Its very discreet and quiet whatever the setting; but sadly this one was a huge disappointment for me, no matter how many times I tried I could not orgasm with this vibe, it didn't have the power to take me over the edge. As some of you know Im a complete power freak and love my extra strength vibes.

The vibrations were mainly in the middle of the vibe not in the tip as my hand became quite numb after only a short time. 
I also found it quite loud for such a small bullet, especially as I was looking for something more discreet.
It looked so good and a perfect handbag size for me but even though it got me going I just couldn't reach orgasm,  I have other toys which I would prefer to use than this as I can usually come quickly with little stimulation, it just wasn't for me.


"So weak that if CSI found it, they would expect the victim to still be alive."
I have just got used to way more power than this little one has to give so if you are someone like me who loves their powerful vibes choose another toy, there are so many to chose from?

But don't be put off with my review as I would still say it may suit those new to vibrators or those who are sensitive and do not like strong vibrations. Its ideal handbag size, great colours and nice feel to it. It just wasn't for me!

  • Ideal handbag size,
  • Great colours,
  • Nice feel,
  • 3 Vibrations
  • Great for beginners those who are sensitive and do not like strong vibrators,
  • Does get you going, great for foreplay,

  • Wasn't powerful enough for me,
  • Cleaning could be a hygiene issue,
  • The Chrome plastic casing did cheapen it.

The Science Bit
  • Length: 4 inches
  • Circumference: 2.5 inches
  • Base diameter: 3/4 inches
  • Material: Skin Safe Rubber
  • Waterproof? not sure yet?
  • Does not contain latex
  • Does not contain phthalates
  • Controller: Built in - push button
  • Vibration: Three speeds
  • Power: Batteries (included) this was a bonus.

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    Ammunition RO-100mm Soft Tip Bullet Vibrator
    From the UK
    £14.99 and £ 14.95

    product picture
    Bullet by Rocks Off Limited
    Material: Silicone / Plastic

    Gorgeously discreet Handbag Handies range from Loving Joy

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    1. Great review sweetie and congrats on making the pleasurists edition x

    2. Terrific review. It's important to know when a toy doesn't work as expected, and you've done a great job here. You point out who might like this vibrator, while describing why it's not for those of us who like intensity.

      This line should win an award: "So weak that if CSI found it, they would expect the victim to still be alive."

      Thank you!

      Joan Price

      Author of Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty and the new Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex.

      Join us -- we're talking about ageless sexuality at

    3. Thanks for the review!
      Feb 18, 7:16 pm

    4. Thanks for the review!
      Feb 19, 2:56 am

    5. I havent been able to orgasm with mine alone either.. However i do like mine its perfect travel size, waterproof, and pretty quiet. Bullets never do the job fully got me but they do get me in the mood :p so they aren't completely useless.
      Feb 20, 1:52 am

    6. Thanks everyone.
      I agree Ikkyika I too like this vibe for the case,I adore the design, that's why I bought it originally and like you I still use this occasionally to get me in the mood.X

    7. Great review. It's a nice looking toy, shame about the power level.
      Feb 23, 12:46 pm

    8. I've had over three of these now, and the motors seem to be a bit hit and miss - one feels stronger than the others.

      I was able to orgasm with mine, but I think it's due to the motion I used rather than the vibrations. I really liked the flexible tip.


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