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Mr Big Rabbit vibrator

Lovehoney Sex Toys

My Very Own Mr Big

I have had many vibrators including rabbits before, but this is the best, most ultimate rabbit, no need for any other rabbit vibes again.

The black and silver techno-looking rabbit isn't as feminine as some of the smaller pinky girly ones, but it has a much better substantial feel to it, it feels well made and comfortably weighty in the hand.
It's a powerful 10 inches of vibe and the rotating head presses against your G-spot perfectly - and if that doesn't bring you to orgasm, the long ears will send you crashing into oblivion!

Mr Big has 6.25 inches of insertable shaft and has a diameter or 1.5 inches, slightly wider than some rabbits which I love.
The main insertable shaft is made of transparent skin safe TPR rubber and doesnt contain any latex or pthalates.
The head rotates massaging your G-spot internally.

The middle part of the shaft has a section which is sealed and has many small plastic pearls inside; a nice feminine touch, so when these are turned on they move in 1 direction giving stimulation inside you, they pearls do sometimes get jammed together occasionally as they are mixed together in 1 compartment rather than being joined together on the actual shaft..
So  a quick squeeze just got them moving again.
The base of the shaft has a pretty sun, moon and stars beautifully embossed into the transparent TPR.

The ears I felt (at first) were maybe too long, but I can press them against me on highest setting. OMG, I can orgasm within 30 seconds or less. I definitely prefer the longer ears (compared to other rabbits' ears) as they lay against the lips and clitoris perfectly. The vibrations are incredible.

I also love the fact you can change the direction of the rotating head. Surprisingly enough I have found that after my first orgasm that if you change direction (by simply pressing the button) it feels different, but not enough to orgasm again from these alone.

The only downside is the noise of the rotating head, so make sure you are alone or turn up the music - but I am sure you will be much noisier, and believe me it is well worth it!
If you need to be quieter, just use the ears by themselves; that's all you will need. But combining the rotating head will tease and press your G-spot as well, making you have an earth-shattering orgasm faster and harder than ever before. It's the best vibrator in my toybox!

The buttons are easy to operate by yourself. You simply press buttons to change speed and the direction of the head and alter the 2 speeds of the bunny ears (only two, I hear you say) - it's all you need, I promise.

What more can I say. I have 2 great men in my life now - my boyfriend and Mr Big. WOW, what more can a girl want!
Mr Big is always there at hand whenever I want him, whatever football matches are on or whatever is on TV.
I also love that he comes with his own pink satin bag to keep him hidden and clean. If you're going to buy a sex toy, this has to be one of them. It's a great first toy or one you must add to your collection.

Has a great weight in the hand.
The rotating head can change direction at press of a button,
The ears have 2 amazing vibrating settings,
Easy to manage,
Has its own silky bag,

The noise of the rotating head and the grinding of the pearls, not the discreetest vibrator but then nor will you be once you orgasm with this.

Midnights's Award

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Sportsheets 10 inch Rubber Whip.

I'm a virgin whip user and my boyfriend bought me this as my very first flogger. I'm a complete virgin to whips and floggers and waited in anticipation for its arrival.

I was so surprised how un-intimidating this looked. It's short and very lightweight, with a smooth, contoured handle. Its actually 9 1/4 inches not 10 inches as stated from handle to end of the fronds.

The handle is approximately 3 3/4 inches, leading to 5 1/2 inches of smooth rubber strands which are extremely well made and firmly secured to the slim, clear handle.
Even with stretching they feel strong and do not feel like they could snap off.

I was worried it was going to be too painful to enjoy, but it makes a nice sound and has an enjoyable sting... I'm hooked - and as a first time receiver I was so relieved... PHEW.

I also found the (cool to the feel) rubber fronds soothing when stroked over my hot spanked skin. Or simply stroked over my body it feels gorgeous.

From the flogger's point of view, when it hits your skin the rubber fronds do not splay out like some others, giving a more controlled, smaller surface area for the first time slap. I also had no marks, just a slight redness that was gone in minutes.

I would so recommend this to anyone wanting to try whips and floggers for the first time. It's a gentle introduction into the world of whips.

I'm so glad I did (thanks to the other reviews). This really will get you hooked without the worry of pain or marks to the skin.

We found no cons except that my boyfriend said the small loop used to hang it up gets in the way - but he found he could turn it around and use the little corded handle as a flogger... so two for one.
Great addition to any toy box even for the advanced whipologists. Perfect travel whip, too - fits neatly into any bag. I have no excuses not to have bondage fun while away now.
I enjoyed it so much we have now already bought my next longer, heavier bigger whip... Gulp....!!!

The Science Bit
  • Material- rubber
  • length 10 inches.

Neat and light in the hand,
Nice sting not painful,
Ideal in between being flogged as rubber strands cooling and sensous,


Midnight's award

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bedroom bondage
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